My Job

10 Jul

I’m utterly bored with my job.

I feel that if ya gona pay me $450 a month, with no OT, no leaves, no staff benefits and etc etc.

Then don’t expect me to work like a horse, Especially when people like you command the helm.

you might ask me to tahan it and shouldn’t just look at it because of the pay, ie. treat it like a learning experience.

But seriously, i cannot and will not do something like that simply because 1) Learn simi? This attachment has little to no relation to my course of study. (I’m not complaining about that, just justifying why I think I can learn nothing) 2) I see alot of people here 不爽. Also, the fact that I have to wake up 2 hours in advance just to sit in our ‘WORLD CLASS’ MRT to get here pisses me off to no end.

In short, I hate this place and I can’t wish for my attachment to be over A.S.A.P.

YES! Tmr and sat off! I need a drink~

*next post will be a test on uploading media(s) on wordpress, so expect a couple of random pics. I’ve taken alot of things previously  but didn’t have the ‘mood’ to blog about it, and since it’s already so long, i shall just bo chup the explanation and whack only.

I’m already impressed with the 3GB storage space,(compared to .mu which only has 100mb =.=)

PS: I’m gona buy a Mp3/4 player soon~ Either Sony or Creative. XD! ..Haven’t really decided on the storage capacity though, shall compare prices to decide.

Back to sleep. out~

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