07 Jul

I find this [here] very very informative and in-depth.

After reading everything, I find that it’s quite accurate in describing my personality.. accurate to the point of being creepy actually.

I seem to be the physical manifestation of Cancer the Crab.. 99%, if I dare say so myself. lol

aite, moving on,

Ytd the auntie in me came out again, I went NTUC and bought sheetloads of weirdo things. No pics for now? (i may decide to, later)

A list, I shall give:

1) Thirsty Hippo Dehumidifier (Generally speaking, this items are quite effective, it’s just that the carrefour ones I bought previously were not really ‘top grade’, so I trying this Thirsty Hippo one)

2) Some kinda antiseptic + Air freshening spray. Claims to eliminates germs and bacteria. but what really caught my attention was the fact that it could be used on keyboards. so just buy.

3) Some sort of shoe freshener spray. It’s like a cylinder, you place it into your shoe, push it down, and there are two ‘nozzles’ at the front and back that will release the contents inside. I find it chin interesting, so just buy to play play around with.

I also opened


Jasmine and Lavender. Wah abit of regret!!! Even though the pouches are small and fragrance beads afew, this little brats pack quite a punch! now my whole room smells of a freaking Lavender + Jasmine garden! URGHH. I’m sure those blardy Green apples ones are gona make me hungry!!

Well that’s all I guess?


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