Predicting the future

26 Jun

Everyone of us has the ability to predict the future. Don’t believe? then let me predict my own future.

Tomorrow – Ladies’ Night @ Singapore Turf Club &&&!!! SM Goh and his Merry Gangs are coming down for a Function too. So I’d most probably be activated – come early end late.

Saturday – My cheque finally came, so went ahead and ordered a Lian Li PC-G7B from Goo Goo. First time purchase so hopefully they’re as efficient as Potterhouse. 

Saturday (2) – Once I get my Casing, Operation ‘Big Immigration’ will FINALLY! proceed as planned. (been planning since donnoe when!)

1) Move all necessary files from D drive to E Drive

1) Clean parts

2) Move parts from old to new casing

3) Fix in my 500GB HDD which has been rotting there since 2 weeks ago

4) Un-Partition my 80GB and consider using it for external

5) Partition 500GB, 250GB per drive

6) Install OS and everything else

Sunday – Most probably rot.

See. My future is predicted!

Anyways, I’ve started my ‘training regime’ already! Though not completely.

I’m still abit ‘un-motivated’ and lazy to go out run, due to the fact that I cannot plot the distance!!(no aim no motivation) Street Directory has the Jogging Calculator sheet, but got what use?? No maps!

argh.. though JJ did gave me a, according to him, good advice, and that was to just run for 40minutes without stopping, same effect as… donnoe what.

Siao Ding Dong. I don’t even know whether or not I can last 15mins tell me go run 40mins.

Wahhhhh….. Actually all it takes to move my butt is

1) A digital watch (need the stopwatch function)

2) A dist. plotter to prevent myself from running aimlessly and thus lose motivation fast


Ok lar, actually I gotch plan plan abit: just jog to bedok stadium which is only about 800m away, then probably jog 5 (10?) rounds then crawl back home. Maybe?

Well at least I did sweat bukkits doing static exercises this few days, so at least not that guilty. HO HO HO!


Cannot think like that!!

Must… make… myself… guilty… ~~~


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