I want to pierce my tongue!

23 Jun

But I’m abit reluctant, because of a few things:

CANNOT EAT YUMMY FOOD!!!!!! the piercing is gona be damn pain you MOVE your tongue/mouth oso got problem. (or thats what i heard from my friend) then can only eat those liquidy food like porridge etc. WTF! Porridge for at least 1 month? are you freaking nuts?

Not advisable to smoke, or at least that’s what stated in wikipedia. Cannot smoke is worse than no food. nuff said.

I listen to my friend talk, sibei ta-tu(not clear) lei.  My written engrand already boink liao, i don want my spoken to be boink oso. and i have this habit of talking lazily too(by mumbling, LYK JAY CHOU! HUH HUH HA HEE! JI NENG SA XI GOU LCK CHIK BUAT~!), and i guess having a piercing will just make it even worse.

I’m sure having something foreign in your mouth will just give you the tendency to play around with it, Just like an ulcer. But the thing is playing with those piercing might chip your tooth and cause gum erosion!

My teeth are already very chui liew. I dowan it to be even moar chui.

Pierce? Don’t Pierce? Pierce? Don’t Pierce?


Moving on,

My colleague has this really really retro Radio that i just loveeeee so much. took some pics of it to share~



Nice right? It’s still working ok! mai siao siao.

Anyways, was utterly boliao, so went up to the 4th level, where there are individual rooms meant for private functions and soon(loiter) around.

First time I actually sat down near to the windows and boy, R I awed! the view damn nice lar!




Now I know why the bookings so expensive.. Mai pray pray.





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