Many Many Pics, Little to no words.

20 Jun

I am chin shag right now, so i shall not say much. Instead I will use peektures to talk. since one peekture = 1000 words.

Anyways I can oso test out Windows Live Writer’s way of uploading peeks.

Today, Working hours was 10am to 9pm as the Turf Club was having open house cum Family Fair. Basically what we did was just walk around and look look see see lar, any sai kang we pau.

They invited Kung Fu Panda over, so here are some really badly taken pics cause you noe? Working cannot play play!


panda 2

panda 3


Due to some time management problems, we had to cut short the photo-taking session and as a result, people queuing up were unhappy, one such unhappy person was a lady who came up to me furiously and demanded to noe why it ended so early. I tried to explain but i failed. luckily my boss was there to cover my ass.


after that is just do sai kang this and do sai kang that.

Some pics of the crowd,


The lady in black at the left is one of my manager. she talks like a speeding train; fast and loud and she’s very very hyperactive. hahaha totally suited for marketing.


So after doing tons of sai kang we sit down and rested for awhile, and i noticed… the moon! it was.. orangey brown!!

blood moon

tsk tsk so polluted the air.

there were tons of food and game stalls littered all over the place, and i noticed that the staffs manning the booths were all giving a half fucked face… lol must be the pay not very good.

there’s oso some food stalls selling makans that i’ve never seen before, and of course being the ever adventurous me, i must try!

The first was this stall selling hotdogs wrapped in roti prata. The hotdog came in different flavors, and i tried cheese one. this one no pic cause very oily, i scared my hp dirty.

The next one.. was M&M’s COOKIES, totally never seen before so decided to try one packet.


…Quite disappointing. i think it lao hong lor. half crispy half soft. bah.

After the whole thing ended, we went to eat left-over buffet from a event that just ended. (very common to eat left over buffets, i mean u throw away oso wasted right?)

so so only lar actually, but whatever at least it filled my stomach.

Went back home after dinner and reached home sweet home at 11.30pm. NOW I AM SHAGGED LIKE DING DONG!!!!!!

Still, I find that it was an interesting experience lar. Sweat like crazy! but.. still very interesting. Do you noe that holding the walkie talkie is so.. song? It’s like a symbol of power ok? Just show your walkie talkie and all others will look at you with awe. HAHAHAAH

ok lame, before i end off, here are somemore random pics I took just for the heck of it.

heart ball

This is so damn cute lar. I like it so much!!!! It belongs to one of my colleagues, its very soft and.. squishy! I just like to squeeze and poke it. hahaha

onion rings

Can you spot the odd one out?? Ate the feast of fury meal last, last last week. the onion rings sucks, but the nuggets were buay pai.

super white

There’s 250 Super whites in there, each measuring 229 x 324 cm. all are coded and labeled 1s 9013. Captain Brand somemore. mai siao siao.


Waffles with butterscotch and two scoop of Ice creams; one rocky road and the other cookies and cream. cost $8.90 @Century square level 3 foodcourt. nice!

OKKKKKKKKKKK END! knn shag like crazy. u guys better appreciate it! I wonder how many ‘words’ i typed? moar than a million ba? HAHAHA

PS: Windows Live Writer ROCKS! expect moar pics from now on! ^_^v


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5 responses to “Many Many Pics, Little to no words.

  1. krisandro

    June 20, 2008 at 1:00 AM

    Oh man… the waffles look nice!

    *blatantly ignores the rest of the post*

  2. Dingo

    June 20, 2008 at 1:03 AM

    *continue to rub self with choco ice cream in an attempt to induce moar puke from krisandro*

    KNS! u goot! u goot!

  3. Wendy

    June 20, 2008 at 10:27 AM

    now u noe WLW rocks right! quick, say thank you!!!!

  4. xinyun

    June 20, 2008 at 10:41 AM

    i wan waffleS! 😛

  5. Dingo

    June 20, 2008 at 11:51 AM

    @Wendy —> *act blur* I found out about it first! muahahahaha! ok lar thank you lar you chinese lantern u.

    @xinyun —> hahah look nice right? it taste nice too. 😀


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