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14 Jun

Plies’s New album – Definition of Real

The best in the whole album, IMHO.

Tips of the day!

For those of you with problem loading youtube videos(the loading thing just stuck there very very long without anything happening and etc.)

I have 2 methods for you, but first let me just say I’m using Starhub and Windows XP, hence results may vary if ya not on the same setup as me.

The bit of a hassleful method 

Go here

Choose ONE from the list, and take note of the IP and PORT numbers.

On your Firefox Menu bar (File/Edit/View etc.) select ‘Tools’>’Options’, click on the ‘Advanced’ Tab(gear icon) and ‘Connection’ tab, under ‘Connections’, Click ‘Settings’

Click on ‘Manual Proxy Configuration’ and insert the respective IP and Port numbers you took down just now.

Click OK and try loading Youtube vids.

If nothing happens or your interwebz get blocked or chikababoom! No worries, just go back to the menu, and select ‘Direct Connection to the Internet’ or whichever option you were in in the first place.

I’m not gona provide the steps for IE for this method, as it’s freaking troublesome imo and IE sucks anyways. CHANGE TO FIREFOX TODAY!!!! 

The Flush Toilet Bowl Method (aka the easy method)

Go to ‘Start’>‘Control Panel’>‘Network Connections’>Right click ‘Local Area Connection’(be careful if you have other networks!!! Check the description before continuing) and select ‘Repair’.

You will see a box pop out and msg showing funny funny(or not) things will start to flash by.

Once it’s done, go to youtube and load the video again.


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