This post is utter seriousness.

11 Jun

Ok. That previous post was utter crap, I noe, But I simply HAD to crap, bo pian!

I am -THIS- close to dying of boredom and lack of brain usage. I need to fully utilize my brain to crap!!!!!!

With that said, I don’t want to let my loyal readers(if any) think that I’m wasting their time, so lets go ahead and do a update on the various aspects of my Life, shall We?

Life in general

My cough is slowly subsiding. But it has already been nearly 3 weeks! From yellow phlegm to green phlegm, and now white phlegm.

Past few days was hell. Sleep couldn’t sleep well cause at night the cough just comes out in full force! kept me awake for 3 hours top on a few nights.

Made me late quite frequently too. Damn me. I seriously want to get rid of this extremely extremely BADDDDD habit of mine. It has been with me since primary school!! When I first started attachment, I thought I got rid of it since the first few weeks were fine, but then later when i got this blardy cough, things just reverted back to ‘normal’.

sibei blardy hell!

bad lar. actually i kinda attribute it to lack of fear/insensitivity and the fact that I don’t like to sleep early as ‘Life is too short to sleep’ motto.

Ok kinda crap but you noe, old habits die hard. I’LL TRY OK!?

AND! Someone is ignoring meeeeeeEEEEE~ lol. Normally, in situations like this, I won’t even give a 2 dime. I’ve lost quite a few acquaintances this way as a matter of fact. BUT since this Lady is quite….. interesting, I shall make an effort to apologize and explain to her once I see her online.

Last but not least, I got a REALLY REALLY STUPIDDDDD HAIRCUT at a new place cause my regular stylist wasn’t working on that day, and for some odd reason I REALLY REALLY wanted to cut my hair.

GODAMN REGRETTED IT! Expensive like shit somemore. Now my hair is like.. neither here nor there. *sobs* lar!


This is the reason for my uber boliao like siao post previously. WORK HASSSss BEEN A KILLER!

Very bored lately as they are doing some assessments and figures reporting, and I, unfortunately it seems, happened to drop down from the sky right at the moment they need sai kang warriors to calculate figures for them.

For the past 2 days, I courted and woo the calculator, an now, she is my gf. everyday poke poke her buttons here and there. HOW VERY BUAY SONG and brain cells killing. worse than studying for my A maths paper!

what’s worse, NO INTERWEBZ AGAIN!!!!!!

Seriously, unless you’re applying as a assitant manager and above post, DO NOT! I REPEAT! DO NOT! take up a job at the STC. (unless you don’t mind having no interwebz access.. AT ALL! YES! NOT EVEN GOOGLE! ONLY WEBSITE YOU CAN GO IS STC HOMEPAGE! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!)

and on some racedays I’m tasked with selling some dumb cards….. WHAT DOES ALL THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MY STUDIES!?!?!?!?



Life is average, Work suck donkey balls.

I loook forward to weekends everyday~!

And I miss the days where My gang and I will just camp downstairs at the shelter for the wholeeeee night, chatting ALL the way. Only until the wee hours of the morning then go home..


PS: Did I miss anything? Seems rather short.. But then again, My life ain’t that brilliant in the first place.

Bahhhh. whatever. ADIOS~!

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