08 Jun


Yep. Went down to the newly built E!HUB @ Downtown East today to mix around with little boys and little girls. aye… nothing much lar really.

Theres a Skating rink, Cinema(cathay), A place where little kids can throw themselves into a pool of plastic balls and navigate around playground-ish thingies, Kbox, NTUC and some misc shops for teens.

oh yes, not forgetting…


Basically just very family-oriented..

The Ferris Wheel, btw, is kinda dumb. Outside is carpark, inside are shops, there’s nothing to see one lor. unless you like to look at people eating, walking around and.. parked cars???

Seriously ill-placed.

It’s $6.50 per tix, regardless of age, the moar tix you buy, the cheaper it is. (eg. 2 tix will be $11.50) one gondola can sit 6.

Another thing is the layout of the whole place.. it’s very weird, the flow… also very weird. perhaps its due to the escalator’s position and the fact that it was my first time there?

Other than that. Nothing much. walked around downtown east abit after that and went home.

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