“As long is woman, all guys want to ‘Lape’”

07 Jun

Yep. Actually this happened Thursday, While I was on the train back home.

As the train was in ‘A Can of Sardine’ mode at that time and I was sitting down, I couldn’t and didn’t see who or where the 2 person in question was. All I heard was at times, loud, at times, muffled quarreling between a (I presume) Lady and Man. Here’s a short and scattered transcript(am i suppose to use this word?! ah fuck it) of what I heard,

Pink = Lady

Blue = Man

*muffled muffled*… hey why you touch me?

“*blahblahblah mumble psstt pstttt ztttttt*”

*silence for about 2mins*

“6 months already you know? you have been doing this for 6 months!”

“What 6 months? the train so many people what you expect me to do??”

*Silence again……*


“…..Is not say pretty or not, as long is woman, all guys want to LAPE

I seriously, NEARLY burst out laughing!

*silence for awhile*

*Mumbling from both side* and suddenly…


The train door opened, and I believe the dude alighted as I totally no hear any kpkb-ing after that.

Next Incident on train happened to me yesterday.

I named it the “3 evils of the MRT all come together” day. I nearly exploded. Seriously. I was -THIS- close to exploding. Let me draw out where I was sitting and which 3 evils were surrounding me.


Tell me lor. What you think happened lor. I was listening to my mp3 lor. And yet I could hear irritating noises all around me.

Oh yes, those under the blue category were friends, hence I say I pity that guy sitting between them, if it were me I would have stared at them, real HARD.

Man, If only someone could have given me a Porcupine-on-a-stick that day, I’d had used it to sodomize that china man beside me. PCB. Noisy nvm, action so big keep bumping into me. Wah.. pek cek.

ok end.


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5 responses to ““As long is woman, all guys want to ‘Lape’”

  1. dead_cockroach

    June 7, 2008 at 9:17 PM

    What about the teens and the family? What evils had they done?

  2. Agnes Tan

    June 7, 2008 at 11:03 PM

    I once squueeze in the train.. u know those wet hairy hand.. and the smell.. argg

    Look at that page, see the photos i taken. .. cant stand it

  3. Dingo

    June 7, 2008 at 11:03 PM

    @dead_cockroach –> The family was playing scissors, paper, stone and the kids were being hysterical and uncontrolled.

    The teens…. well lets just say were they not only rowdy, but also poor enough to not be able to afford headphones for their PSPs.


  4. anon

    June 8, 2008 at 11:17 AM

    wah careful leh…….previously a blogger talk abt a mrt ride with a certain race kena arrested, then u here say so do mee another race man…. sigh

  5. Dingo

    June 8, 2008 at 5:24 PM

    ….’another’ race? erm… 我也是中国人! (I’m also a Chinese.)

    Anyways I DID NOT say I wanted to sodomize him(with a porcupine-on-a-stick) based on the fact that he was a china man, but that I wanted to sodomize him based on how noisy(and fidgety) he was.

    ANYONE! regardless of race, religion and/or species! SHOULD be sodomize with a porcupine on a stick if they were to fall under this categories:

    (this list is not exhaustive)

    Are/is noisy,
    fidgety(and hit you many times),
    doesn’t give up his/her seat to pregnant ladies,
    reading newspaper and occupying extra space,
    leaning against the pole, not letting people alight first,
    standing on the right side of the escalator,
    blasting irritating music on their PSPs and handphones etc. etc.

    while on the MRT and/or around the vicinity. PERIOD.

    SO please! Vote for me and my party! and I shall make your MRT rides no longer a nightmare!

    For more info on racism, please refer to: here

    Thank you very much.


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