Let’s go horse racing!

24 May

*OCB = Off Course Betting Centre. (NOT ORH CH- ar you get the point)

Awesome day ytd. Another ‘First time’ for me.

Went down to Bukit Merah Off Course Betting Centre.

Don’t know what is that? Well me too.. until I started working at STC that is.

It’s just like a building where people go there and watch live telecast/simulcast of races lar. You can treat it like ‘branches’ of STC if you want to. Its got seats and betting booths, cafeteria and tons of LCD TVs all over the place.

I’m not too sure about the other branches, but apparently Bukit Merah is one of the most luxurious OCB(it’s new too) out of the others, and I’d have to agree (even though I’ve never been to the others)

More info on OCBs here

I’m kinda surprised I know not the existence of OCBs until the day I started working at STC. I mean there is already one situated near my house!! how the heck did the govt cover until so powderful?

Skali my house upstairs is one of ISA’s secret branches and those headaches I keep getting at night is their mind-controlling machine at work! ….you’d never know! *cues X-Files theme song*


The truth is out there

ok that’s just bullshit. I sleep well most of the time lar.

Moving on,

We were supposed to do a roadshow for a Privilege Card called the Racing Gold Card meant for punters visiting kranji or any of the OCBs. I shall not exprain it since I doubt any of you will be interested in it. Go STC website if ya wanna find out moar lar.

So reached there at abt 5.30pm. Before that We were at the office rotting since 11am

Turns out the lady who were supposed to be collaborating with us(set up a booth for us, misc task involving the OCBs etc etc.) was on MC! and for some godforsaken reason, she didn’t inform anyone. wah! how can like that!

Everything took longer than usual to prepare since most of the stuffs needed by us was with her, and no one down there noes anything! and the worse thing was We didn’t have a booth at all! We were told to just pick a spot and make camp there… woah. now that is just Wtf with a capital W.

Ended up we just set up our ‘camp’ at a empty table in the cafeteria. pathetic.

And what’s worse there wasn’t any chairs available for us as all of them were taken up by early bird punters.

HAIZ. my miserable back…. 😦

Well I shall not talk about the process of marketing cards since its kinda very basic lar hor. Just go around touting lor.

My observations after the whole thing ended

1) Bookie’s heaven

I am very very serious when I say you can close your eyes and yet noe who are the bookies. Especially when a race is just about to start.

Just picture this, people walking around informing ‘no one in particular’ the rates that they’re going.. one HUGE group of people standing damn close to the dividends board and shouting around like it is Wall Street(I saw one dude wearing ear plugs) and almost 99% of them wearing mono ear pieces.

wow. and you tell me the men in blue are doing a good job!?!?!

I would say the proportion of punters to bookies/punties are 6:4

and i heard most OCBs are like that.

2) Staffs over there are a bunch of clueless dumbfucks

I’m not trying to be rude, but why does photocopying two sides of an IC take a person half and hour to do??? Nuff said

(They are also very unhelpful. at least provide us with a proper booth lar. two tables three chairs very hard to come out with??)

3) It’s really a nice place to be if you’re a punter and stay damn far from kranji

Bukit Merah OCB that is. very nice very comfy. I like. But I have no interest in gambling. too bad.

4) Standing for 5 hours is a killer for my back.

Self explantory

5) Very hard to get cab at that stretch of road


After the whole thing ended(10pm) we managed to sell 10 cards. quite an achievement for our first try, but seriously I think all credit went to the perm staff, she noes ALOT of people there lor, she explained that the reason why she noes so many of them was because she was the one who took their photos over at kranji(for the card)

So naturally people noes that she is the ‘RGC auntie’ and hence will recommend interested punter friends to her.

haha anyways, took cab to Redhill MRT as the perm staff(She lives Jurong West) we were with can claim transport while we cannot as, quoting my supervisor, ‘you guys are still within working hours’

lan lan lor.

Reached home 11+pm Shagggggg

arh well. Nice experience. MUCH AND WAY WAY WAY better than tat blardy SAIC event. that one was just PUI smelly saliva.

I don want to talk about that. bad day it was!!!

ok end.

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