Laughing Witch Spotted @ Bedok Polyclinic.

20 May

Limpei is pek cek like crazy after a visit to the polyclinic today. (yeah i Chao kenged. lazy to go.)

Ninamah pua chee cheong fun of a ding dong cheesecakes,

1) Wait so long! SO LONG SO LONG! Even though I’m a veteran of visiting polyclinics, the way I observed the staffs doing job(or lack of) really made me sibei tulan them.

knn. 3000 people at there waiting to collect medicine, you people donnoe in the office happily chatting and act blur like never see, then only put 2 people at there to serve the patients.


You noe, regardless of whatever the FUCK you guys were doing, patients are still your main priority, they need rest more than you fucksticks do, hence when you see 3000 sick people waiting to collect their medicines, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SIT DOWN THERE AND TALK LIKE THERE IS NO FUCKING TMR!

2) I was finding a seat to sit down when suddenly I SPOTTED 4!!!!! ITE LADIES IN NURSE UNIFORM! 2 of them was CMI, the other 2 was buay pai.

So I sat down and took a few quick glances at them periodically, until all of a sudden, I heard this…. this…… gut wrenching and blood curdling laughter.

It sounded like those evil witches in the Wizard of Oz or whatever the fuck show has evil witches. Wanna sample sample abit? then,

Please, do click on this recording I made while waiting for the doc, here

(if you like it you can even download it you sick bastard)

(Kris complain very noisy cannot hear, so…. PAY ATTENTION AT THE THREE(3) SECONDS MARK.)


I only managed to catch 2-3 seconds worth of it. In actual fact the first laugh actually lasted for a full 30 seconds before losing it’s steam and turning the duration to sporadic 2-3 seconds ones.

So I decided to turn and spotted that it was one of the girls(part of the CMI group) laughing her ass(or crooked nose) off at the TV! MAN that TOTALLY spoiled my impression of them, at least if you cmi i can still close one eye since you wearing MEE CEE uniform, but but but! ARGH! I was definitely curious at what she was actually laughing at and hence zoom in at the direction she was looking at, and guess what I saw?

What the? laughing like that at that show?? I mean yeah It is funny. but wah liewwwwww! pek cek!

*end of tulan-ness*

Saw a plump kid playing KOF on his psp. kept mashing on down down/right right and triangle allllll the way. haha so funny. Kinda reminds me of the days when I first started out playing Street Fighter on the SEGA console.

but what really made me wanted to rofl was he just kept smiling to himself in a gong gong kinda way, Its just so cute lar.

At least that perked me up alittle.


regarding the recording I made, it was in .amr format. For some reason this file type is not recognized by audiacity. So decided to search around and managed to find this super duper COOL coverter that lets you import/export and convert files WITHOUT downloading it as a program. EVERYTHING IS WEB BASED! and yes! it supported my file format too!

And what’s best, you can even use your phone to download the converted file through wap.

Definitely full of awesomeness. Use it or risk your com exploding in a big fiery ball visible from Saturn.

Media Convert

To end this blogpost off,



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4 responses to “Laughing Witch Spotted @ Bedok Polyclinic.

  1. krisandro

    May 20, 2008 at 5:38 PM

    You chee cheong fun in cheesepie you. The clip so noisy! how to listen to the witch?

  2. Dingo

    May 20, 2008 at 5:45 PM

    what? Really cannot? sure bo?!!

    ok ok. it’s the blood curdling laughter at the 3-4 seconds timeline.

  3. xinyun

    May 21, 2008 at 9:01 AM

    *end up enjoying and laughing to stick men art*

  4. Dingo

    May 21, 2008 at 9:36 AM

    @xinyun—> So.. you only lyk the stick men arts? my post you douch lykee??? *Sad*

    ….lol joking lar. Thanks!


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