Inner Demons

17 May

I find this topic very interesting. lets do a general introduction first,

For chinese, very simple, 4 only:

吃 (Glutton),喝 (Wine, beer etc. – It makes you drunk, so it’s bad),嫖 ( Just plain fucking around, literally. I can’t think of a better word to use lar),赌 (Gamble).

For Angmohs, more complex, because by theory they are more ‘clever’. hahha

Envy, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth and Pride.

The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things

Image via [here] (Sidetrack: Artsy fartsy people should read more about Hieronymus Bosch, His pieces are rather interesting.)

Let’s forget about the 4 last things and Jesus in the middle hokays? Those are up to your interpretation.

Anyways what piqued my interest in today’s topic was due to a conversation I had with a friend, I shall not dwell on that as this kinda things is must respect privacy one lar.

So it got me thinking, a series of questions in fact, so let’s do a short contents page shall we?

Q1. How does one get rid of the ‘Sin(s)’ in them?

  • Q1a Can a person get rid of the ‘Sins’ without a Reason?

Q2. Is ‘feeling good’ as a reason, wrong?

How does one get rid of the ‘Sin(s)’ in them?

For the first question, If I say the answer would be to find a reason satisfactory to one, would that be valid and acceptable?

I mean it’s quite common for people to wait till until it’s too late… then start to regret. It’s like for some reason, they don’t regret when nothing bad happens to/affects them. It’s quite common in movie plots and real life too, if you were to observe individuals around you.

In chinese we have a saying for this, ‘不见棺材, 不掉泪’。(never see coffin, don’t drop tear, literally)

Of cause we all don’t like bad things happening to us, thats why we only change when.. erm bad things happen. (there are oso sadistic people who like bad things happening to them, but that is another topic already)

Can a person get rid of the ‘Sins’ without a Reason?


But the thing is, can one change and/or stop this ‘Sins’ out of the blue?

Can one just go ahead and say: ‘I want to stop teh-ing(squeezing) neh nehs!! From now on I shall just go teh(squeeze) TAO SA PAU!’ ?

If you say ‘No, of cause not you stupid moron.’

Then… Why?

Why is it that everything humans do, there must be a reason?

My hypothesis

Because humans are not unfeeling things. Humans want things that benefits them, Humans want things that basically just satisfy their wants and needs.

Each individual have his/her/its own wants and needs, hence it varies what they will do to attain it.

But one thing is for sure, only ‘objects’ with emotions and feelings needs reasons to do things.


Image via [here]

Is ‘feeling good’ as a reason, wrong?

Chris Brown

Image via [here] Why? Click here to find out.

Actually this question was added in while I was typing the previous ones, Do pardon me if it sounds abit too draft-ty.

Before you move on, try to erase what you were thinking about regarding the previous 2 questions.

Now let’s focus on things that people do voluntarily. No forcing or NEED-TO-DO etc. Just voluntarily ‘I feel like it’ do.

ok? good? gooddddddD? HO LIAO BUAY?!

ok go.

For me, I’ve have never believed in the saying,

‘Only when you do things without asking anything in return then you are considered sincere.’

I think it’s a load of bullcrap, nothing in return? Then how about the feeling you get from helping someone? you know? like the warm fuzzy feeling or whatever?

that already is ‘something in return’. that alone IS the reason why you went ahead and did that thing.

But… feeling good. Is that really wrong? Can one automatically accuse you of being greedy and/or selfish based on the ground that you did it because you wanted to feel good?

Because ultimately, humans cannot do things without a reason. That’s just how we are. ..I guess?

Go think about it.

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