Infinite money, Infinite health, Infinite power.

15 May

*Author’s note*

This is quite a long post, and I can’t really add in any nice nice peektures due to the com I’m using, so pardon me if you give up halfway! anyways it’s just mindless rambling. I’d probably add in some nice nice peektures for you guys when i get back. PROBABLY.


 The topic today on the shoutbox. But this blog post shall not focus on what was discussed on the shoutbox(though I’d be talking about it a little as a sub-thought) but rather just be talking about it in a general sense and how I feel about this issue.

 First and foremost, let me just give you my opinions and thoughts about cheating:

(do note the words ‘opinion’ and thoughts)

1. Humans are tempted to do it. But do not because of..

2. The right social, cultural and educational factors/reason

3. Psychological factors, ie. integrity, feel that it is just wrong to do it. (may have something to do with point 2)

Humans are tempted to do it, why?

There are tons of factors as to why humans feel like cheating, perhaps to accomplish something out of laziness, perhaps just to gain an easy advantage etc. etc. The fact here is, everybody is different, and not everything can be explained with words.

Heck there are people who cheat just because they want to.

But why cheat? why is it that even though people emphasize the idea of ‘hard work pays off’ since the beginning of time, there are still people who choose to cheat?

I mean ain’t society and culture (and maybe education) suppose to shape a man?

There may be a couple of reasons to this, some of which i have hypothesized are(just 3 actually):

1) The work of ‘Satan’ or whatever entity(ies) you Religious people deem evil

2) The brain. Since I ain’t no neurologist, I can’t tell you exactly what part of it is affecting, find fat4 for that.

3) Humans were born evil, (perhaps somesort related to point number 2?)

OR! it could be combination of the three. I mean you never know right?

The right social, cultural and educational factors/reasons prevent people from doing so

I believe this is pretty self explanatory so I shall not explain it lest some people think I’m insulting their intelligence. Although I’ve always had bone to pick when it comes to what defines something as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

It’s like as long as the large majority of the world say it’s ‘right’, then that means it’s ‘right’, but why? I mean are you saying that if the large majority of the world say killing a rabbit is ‘right’, it automatically makes it right?

PAP says you cannot do means you cannot do? PAP says can do means you do?

……..erm ok, i think we already know the answer for that.

I don’t have the answers to the first thought though, but its just that to me, being a sheep just ain’t my cuppa tea.

Anyways, I think I have digress.

Moving on,

Psychological factors

Actually to me point 3 and point 2 are quite closely related,

since it is a fact that the brain learn most of it’s things from peeps around you, society, culture and/or education.

(at this point of time I was again thinking that all this are pretty self explanatory, so i shall skip this and move on.)

My views

All I have to say is that cheating is indeed infused into our brain. but the very idea of cheating definitely stems from somewhere/thing, again different people have different thinking, so I cannot tell you where is somewhere/thing is.

Emotional, physical, psychological.. all this are grounds for people to cheat.

What I can be sure of is two things,

1) A normal person will only cheat when he has decided that the benefits of cheating far outweighs the disadvantages. (do note the word normal.)

You’d be surprised at the number of cheaters around us, especially those among  higher orders. 🙂

2) NO one factor determines if someone thinks or go ahead with cheating. I mean which normal person out there thinks about cheating 24/7/365? There must always be a trigger.

My thoughts on cheating in love

I absolutely abhor the very idea of spouses cheating on each other. I can tahan alot of things, but just not this.


I abhor doesn’t mean I don’t think that it should not exist or it should not happen to me(or I should not do). I am but just a human, who am I to forbid my spouse from cheating?

All I can do is be the best I can as a bf for I believe that your spouse will only run away with another piao kia if you have not been doing a good job.

Either that or your eyes one side pa stamp the other pa sticker choose wrong char bo lor.

Also, I feel that it is extremely ignorant of you to believe that you are THE ONE and ONLY man alive that is worthy for your girl.

To explain, I shall use a Chinese proverb(or whatever), “一山还比一山高”(literally, one mountain taller than the other), meaning something like, even though you are good, there are bound to be someone out there better than you.(or try to be)

There is a limit to what one can do, if your girl likes very very tall 山(mountain), then that is just too bad for you. Unless your 山(mountain) can grow lar. but then again, will she wait?

I mean who likes things that are of inferior grade? Of cause I’m not saying you should get those super duper triple A grade spouse, but I’m sure everyone have their own standards, right?

The same can be applied to the other half, and that was why, when fat4 ask me whether I will cheat, I said I would, PROVIDED! the 山(mountain) in question has big boobies and a much better attitude and personality than my current one.

BUT! it must be a VERY VERY VERY significant difference.

Still, I can’t help but wonder why would you cheat in the first place when you’ve already decided to have ‘her’ as your gf? Your eyes ta stamp until so chiat lat that there are SO many mountains out there that are much taller and better than your current one?

or maybe your love for her is so weak you falter so easily?

(see, even deciding whether someone cheats in love or not has so many factors, i am indeed, seriously.. not fooling around.. rofl, alright that is just lame) 

To sum it up, I may cheat, but the probability of that happening is extremely small.

Anyways, even if I do cheat, I will end the relationship with my current one immediately, period.

Climbing two mountains is too tiring and troublesome for an old man like me.

And no, I do not believe I would think about cheating on my spouse 24/7/365 without a trigger.

You eat when you are hungry, not hungry? then eat for fuck?


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2 responses to “Infinite money, Infinite health, Infinite power.

  1. krisandro

    May 15, 2008 at 3:51 PM

    I think humans being humans, will definitely have the possibility of cheating in their minds at the very least. There is always someone better out there. But like I once blogged ((( PLUG ))), it’s just not feasible to jump from one relationship to another just because you’ve met someone better.

    People just need to be contented with what they have at some point in time.

    Btw, I can’t stand cheating as well. Having someone else while in a relationship is unforgivable to me.

  2. dingo

    May 15, 2008 at 4:13 PM

    Perhaps it stems from the fact that humans are curious by nature?

    And it’s quite common for humans to not realize/cherish what they have infront of them, instead choosing to search for something that is beyond their reach.

    A classic example would be scientist choosing to focus more on exploring space for other lifeforms rather than exploring the very ocean that is so close to us and brimming with undiscovered life. Large part of it is still unexplored mind you.

    ah the complexity of the human mind. how.. intriguing and headache inducing… haha


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