Clorets Dark Secret Mint Tablets – cheat my money!

09 May

woah, so eating this dark secret mint tablets gives you the ability to discharge pheromonal breath!

or so i tot.

Waste money man, first when i blow my breath, i don see sound waves, second, when i try it on the cleaner aunty, instead of pole dancing on her vaccum cleaner, she diao-ed me.

…ladies holding cups at the pantry NEARLY tried to scald me with hot water.

grrrr and what’s worse, this dark mint taste just like the normal mint..

cheat my money!

Btw, does anybody knows what ‘siap siap’ in engrand means? it is used to describe a certain taste. it’s Hokkien.

let me noe if you noe the engrand meaning of it. thanks!

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One response to “Clorets Dark Secret Mint Tablets – cheat my money!

  1. DS, emma

    June 26, 2008 at 9:09 PM

    Friend, I think you are naive a bit here. If Caltex commercial show people cleaning your car piston heads, you think really got people in your engine ah?

    Aiyoooooh… my friend – you think you drink your guiness draft, got people jumping up from your glass ah? agaggaag…

    Chaosdingo says: Next time.. don’t waste space/time ok? want to say what one shot type all. donnid to split your personality. =D


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