Go One Forward.

20 Apr

I still can’t goddamn solve it!

the message on the Gate of Mazeus and Mythridates in Ephesus. The Son of God. Then go one forward.

At first I thought the answer was found inside the message itself. So i spent time reading all I could about the Gate and Augustus. Luckily I have an interest in the Roman Empire, else I’d have been bored to death.

Some things I thought could led me to the answer:

See if I go one step(I presume) forward from ‘the son of god’, the sentence would be:

“From the Emperor Caesar Augustus, the son of the god, the greatest of the priests, who was consul twelve and tribune twenty times; and the wife of August Livia; the son of Lucus, Marc Agrippa who was consul three times, Emperor, and tribune six times; and the daughter of Julio Caesar Augustus, Mazeus and Mythridates to their master and the people.”

The greatest of the priests? So the answer(NOTE: TO ME HOR! IMO! NOT THE FACT!) could be

Pontifex maximus


Pope Benedict XVI

Nope. I tried alot of combination already. space no space caps no caps etc etc.

Then I thought, hmm go one forward… IN TIME PERHAPS?

Augustus’s son, Tiberius, was his successor, so that’s a good start… *types* *Page refreshed and the goddamn bar is still there* SHIT!

So running out of ideas, I just tried all his family’s name, but to no avail.

After that, decided to try a different approach, since base on my own observations, Subject is quite religious. So perhaps it is related to God and his Son?

Tried tons of names and alternatives. No luck there.

Then just stone at there looking at the darn clues…

the message on the Gate of Mazeus and Mythridates in Ephesus. The Son of God. Then go one forward.

the message on the Gate of Mazeus and Mythridates in Ephesus. The Son of God. Then go one forward.

the message on the Gate of Mazeus and Mythridates in Ephesus. The Son of God. Then go one forward.

the message on the Gate of Mazeus and Mythridates in Ephesus. The Son of God. Then go one forward.

Then I suddenly realised.. something seems weird with how the whole thing is structured.(except for the last phrase, since that from the start is already weird)

1) Full stops after each ‘sentence’

2) Notice the inscription, it states.. The Son of THE God. Subject’s clue was The Son of God.

So basically, I’ve hypothesized that,

– all clues provided are independent and stand-alone.

– The answer may be related to both Augustus and Jesus, and perhaps also the confusion of how the phrase ‘divi filius‘ was used by the Romans and how other people interpreted it to be.

Tried reading up on all those explanation about the interpretion of ‘Son of God’ and ‘Son of the God’.

But apart from gaining some knowledge, it did not lead me to any good and/or logical answer.

How about the last clue? ‘Go one forward’?

You know, clues like this are either meant to trick you into believing it is impt when it’s not and/or to give you one hell of a facepalm when you finally know the answer.

As of now I am totally stumped as to what this might mean, and how does it all fit into the whole thing.

The closest I’ve come to was via Subject’s clue that it may be Going one ‘step’ forward. But seeing as Subject is NOT a simple-minded man, and judging from his intelligence level and somewhat reluctance in giving out the answer, he may be trying to mislead me. But having some help beats having no help at all.

so based on that, I’ve managed to find some verses from the bible that may or may not be related to the ‘one step forward’ clue.

I shall spare you the details, just know that the more I read, the more senseless this particular clue sounded. So perhaps it is not what i think it is.

Note also, one of Subject’s clue to the password was ‘Single word, case sensitive.’

‘Single’? Why not ‘One’? Maybe I am thinking too much, but alibabaandthefortythievesisalsoconsideredasingleword right?

As for case sensitivity, boy.. I’ve really GoT My WoRk CuT oUt foR mE.

but is Subject so meticulous? A mystery as I’ve not had the chance to know Subject that well.

I’ve also thought of the possibility that Subject is just fooling around, making us go on a wild goose chase and actually have no intention of revealing based on what he said, quoted,

‘ If it can’t be guessed it’s not meant to be read. :)’

Either that or he is making the clues extremely vague and thus virtually impossible to solve without any personal background knowledge.

Whatever it is, after 8 hours of intense reading and typing and seeing Subject’s blog refresh itself a kazillion times, I have to officially say I’m giving up.

Good luck to the other’s who like me, is super duper boliao and have too much time on their hands. May you find this ‘notes’ useful.

Seriously, the purpose of ‘hacking’ into the post was totally due to my competitive nature, I do not have any interest whatsoever in what is contained inside that particular post, since I’m not that close to the Subject.

Also, I personally believe that it’s not really very nice to read a pw protected post, EVEN though the subject in question may seem somewhat willing. Whatever it is, I won’t feel good reading it. My plan was just go straight to the comment box once I’ve solved it, leave my mark and zoom out of there immediately. But I guess… it’s just too goddamn hard.

I think next time I’m gona come out with this to challenge my readers, and maybe perhaps provide some porn links as rewards to those that successfully ‘hack’ into my post. HAHAHAHA! ok that’s lame.

Good luck you bunch of no lifers(yes, that includes me). šŸ™‚

PS: I cannot believe I actually blog about this. lol



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2 responses to “Go One Forward.

  1. hendri

    April 20, 2008 at 6:56 AM

    Oh my… You’re obsessed! LOL… ><

  2. nocturne

    April 20, 2008 at 12:49 PM

    EIGHT hours!!! You crazy man. I gave up at Tiberius. That was about a minute.


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