I’m officially an old birds.

19 Apr

When I was young… Loud music was the norm, and i like it!

When I was young… My one shot record was 3 jugs. Yes, one shot.

When I was young… All clubbers were coool.

When I was young… All alcoholic drinks taste nice, irregardless of content.

When I was young… I get myself drunk and have a seriously crazy like ding dong hangover the other day.

When I was young… I WANT TO KNOW MORE CHAIS!

When I was young… I will hit the dance floor

NOW… Loud music gives me freaking headaches, especially when all the songs they play I already have since 1 month ago.

NOW…. One event drink 3 jugs I already ‘steal smile’ liao. (eh i seriously donnoe why lei, probably it’s due to the fact that I’ve stopped drinking obsessively for 3 years? I was quite surprise I couldn’t hold it too well. chiat lat lar, old pokes liao lor!)

NOW….some clubbers look like little kiddies trying to act cool

NOW…. Only Tiger beer is the best (WTF DBL O ONLY HAVE CARSLBERG!? DING DONG!)

NOW…. I know how to control my drinking.

NOW…. at most I is just at there beo chais.

NOW… Dance? I scare wait break my bones. mai kum xia.

I guess this seriously marks the end of my clubbing days. O bar was so goddamn inviting!!

well, at least it was fun to observe people… while YAWNING like a kazillion times.

breaking my 3 years abstinence was totally a bad idea, though it was interesting to know how much I’ve changed.


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