dbl o clubbers; advice needed.

18 Apr

In relation to this post here

See, after a million years of not going to clubs, my friend out of the blue suddenly decided to revive the retired and lousy dragon inside of me and ask me go dbl o.

Normally I will instant reject cause I’m too old for shitz like this, now i only frequent kopitiams.

But like as though some one up there wants me to go, I immediately recieve a dbl o msg stating that cover charge is waived as long as I show this msg and go before 10pm today. (my friend and his friends have safra cards so they oso going 10pm)

Hmmmm… I am still alil bit apprehensive though, because if you’d read my previous post, the sms thingy wasn’t even intended for me, how does it come about I also don’t know.

So that is where frequent dbl o clubbers come in.

Do you think it is possible for me to use it?

How the hell do you subscribe to their sms service in the first place anyways?

Paiseh ar, old uncle lao hong liao, things like this totally no knowledge. So if you know, don’t mind enlightening me? kum xia kum xia.

Question is valid until 9pm today. Thank you.

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