Frontlines: Pieces of SHIT. – A review.

16 Apr


Frontlines: Fuel of War, I can’t help but compare it with Epic game of the year title, COD4, but as like all gamers, we tend to use a benchmark to compare games.

To me, this game is TRYING to be COD4, but somehow… it’s just doesn’t make the cut. let’s move on shall we.


Taking place in donnoe which year(i think is 202something), The worlds’ oil is in extreme shortage. So America and it’s gang one side. China and Russia one side. peace peace peace peace until one day China and Russia decided to be evil and decided to cup with China go steal the oil from America and its merry gang.

So there you go. The reason why you are fighting this war.

Other than that, I think this game doesn’t let you immense into the story much, even though i noe their intention is that. I mean, I don’t even know who the heck I’m controlling! am i just the foot soldier? or am i the sergeant? or… what???

IT is that bad. seriously. Unlike COD4, where your name is shouted oh so many times, and the cut scenes really leave an impression, Frontlines utterly fail in trying to make you part of the game.


It’s a First person shooter. Gameplay is agar agar follow Battlefield, where you get to walk on foot but can also drive tanks, buggies and fly aeroplanes. You have teammates, but like all other games with AIs, all of them are retarded. period.

Like all FPSes, there are(or is) certain feature(s) that make it stand out from the rest.

In frontlines, this are drones. There are a few different types of drones in frontlines, but they all serve the same purpose: to help you kill enemies without sacrificing your own life. There are gatling gun mounted on a mini tank drone, flying RC copters that shoot fireworks, and those UAV look alike that explodes and blow the hell out of everybody(or try to)

They are fun to use, but without them you can still survive.

Basically all you have to do is move from point A to point B, kill everyone, secure the area and complete the objective.. and then depending on situations, you either move on or stay there to guard the area from enemies.

Usually it’s just moving on.

Health System is the same as new FPSes, no health packs, your screen will get redder and redder and you will hear heavy panting once your health drop. You will have to find a place to camp first while your health magically regenerates. rather fast.

ALTHOUGH, i have to say that it’s really darn irritating, this red screen thing. It’s like the moment you get shot, your screen will IMMEDIATELY turn a a light shade of red. Unlike COD4, where the redness is bearable, Frontliness’ choice of red is really very sucky. hence i hate it. I don’t know how to describe, have to see it yourself to understand.

Normally when you die in a FPS, you will get transported back to a checkpoint and have to do everything over again. In Frontlines, the term used is redeploy, and unlike normal FPS, when you redeploy, everything is retained from when you last died. nothing is changed, and you can even see your own dead body(for awhile) when you run back to the place where you died the last time.

The bad news(sorta) is though, there is a certain number of redeploys you can use. something like credits, if you will. If you use up this ‘credits’, you will have to restart the whole level all over again.

I play on Normal, and i don’t seem to run out of redeploys for some reason, it accumulates when something is triggered. what? I ain’t sure. But any decent FPSer shouldn’t really use up all the redeploys. it’s plenty really. furthermore everything you did stays the same! so it’s not really that hard.

That’s what really makes this game kinda easy, though they do try to make it hard by giving u a limit to redeploys, it really doesn’t matter since you practically can’t finish using it, unless you suck, real badly.

Aiming and weapons

Weapons are quite fixed in this game. Weapons dropped by enemies cannot be used. you can only pick them up when the game tells you to, and every map’s weapon is almost exactly the same, maybe give you one more new weapon, and that’s it.

Again, the game makes it easy for you by placing ammo boxes all over the place. and this ammo boxes resupplies you to the max, for all weapons, EVERYTIME! YES! no limit whatsoever.

The hit detection in this game SUCKSSSSS TO THE MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! DIRECT HEADSHOT FROM A HIGH POWERED SNIPER RIFLE .50! and yet the person still doesn’t die!!!!! and this is just ONE scenario ok. I can list out many others but i’ll keep it short.

and what’s worse, the enemy seem to have better hit detection than you. OMG! i hate this i hate this! even COD4 doesn’t screw up the hit detection this BADLY.

Power of weapons are also goddamn inconsistent. This flaw is glaring when you’re in a vehicle or controlling a drone. Especially when using the RC copter. It’s really just fireworks; the explosion is big and nice, but the range is like 0.1mm in diameter only. you have to make a direct hit to kill someone. gawd.

And the grenade throwing is stupid. you get to throw yes, but you can’t cook! and the angle and range doesn’t really matter. it’s like the throwing angle and power is fixed. Too inflexible is how i’d describe it.


On foot, the controls are pretty standard of FPS. You can crouch prone or stand.

Driving land vehicles is ok. but flying a copter or jet is gona make you close the game, immediately. Don’t know which fcuking monkey came up with such controls for airplanes. totally up lorry control for planes. AND PLEASE! i have played BF before! and yes i noe you need a certain amount of skills to pilot planes in that game. but this! no amount of skills will make u figure out how to fly those goddamn things.


Woah HO HO! THE STUPIDEST AI I’ve ever seen!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA ridiculous. At first I thought you can command your teammates, but wtf. you can’t! Either I am incredibly stupid or the developers are incredibly stupid, I think it’s the latter really.

As I’ve already looked at the controls and even though there is a troop command option, it doesn’t seem to work! I’m guessing it’s for MP. TROOP COMMAND IN MP!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH WTFROFLCOPTERLMAOADE! oh please…… this is one big screwup u made there mr developer(s).

Veteran FPSer should know the difference…

AIs without your command are practically headless chickens, in Frontlines.. this is a LITERAL description.

Their aiming is the worst I’ve ever seen. OMGGGGGG!!!! this is especially glaring when you are told to fortify an area. As a matter of fact, the only time I died was because of this.

I’ll spare you the details and just give you this scenario,

David VS Goliath.

Man they suck.

And what’s worse, somehow the game likes to spawn your teammates out of nowhere! this is what i find really stupid and dumb. you are at the 2nd floor, there is only one staircase. HOW THE HECK CAN your teammate be there before you when moments before, you’re the only one fast enough to reach that building???

and you noe what’s dumb? when your stupid teammates die, they don’t respawn. HOHO but as if you need them.

Another thing is they seem to have a fetish for crosshairs. numerous times, while aiming with a scope, I see my teammates just running pass me while I’m shooting. NUMEROUS TIMES OK! not just once or twice. as a matter of fact i think it’s everytime! stupid stupid teammates.


Many people complain this game eat resources like crazy, but I play it on VERY HIGH with my setup(which can be seen in my widget, to your right)
ok ok lar.. nothing really impressive. except for the fact that some buidings can be destroyed, not as interactive as crysis though.

I encountered abit of lag at some point. but it’s nothing serious. Still tolerable.

Misc. bugs, glitches and stupid things.

This game has alot of stuck bugs. most of the time it happens when you’re climbing up or jumping up/down a flight of stairs.

Steppings, ledges and elevations will get your mini tanks drone stuck too. luckily you can un-deploy them. so it’s not too bad.

And another thing is when you get shot, there is not jerk reaction whatsoever. Hence sometimes you are so engrossed in walking around you don’t even noe you have been shot! I know there is this red bar directional indicator thingy telling you where the bullets are coming from. but seriously, a jerk or whatever movement SHOULD be normal when you get shot right?!!? sheesh.

When you get off from a vehicle, you will get ‘stuck’ in a position. you cannot sprint whatsoever. you have to jump to make it go away.

Sprinting is unlimited. Vehicles can sprint too! except it’s called TURBO. lol

donnoe for what reason, at first when i am in a vehicle and it explode, I died. but later on when the vehicle gets destroyed, i just reappear out it without a scratch! *sigh*

Some vehicles have extra seating capacity and weapons. for some weird reason, unless you satisfy a certain criteria, your teammates will NEVER EVER get into the extra seat. i think it’s more of a bug than a random effect.

what’s more stupid is when you get into a buggy, for some magically reason another teammate will appear, taking either the driver’s seat or turret position(as mentioned i donnoe who the fuck am i in this game LOL) and when you get out, he disappears into thin air!

and adding to the stupidity, say your teammate is already in a tank, when u get in you will be at the extra seat, but when you move over to the driver’s seat, your teammate disappears!

And teammates don’t drive by themselves, so if you’re in the extra seat, you just… stay there. ROFL. the only way to make them move is when you’re in another vehicle, leading them. and yes, their aiming still suck in a tank! HO MY GOD! -.-


ok, after so much bashing, I believe you’d have been bored to death by now, but fret not, this game at least have one redeeming factor, and that is the sound.

Crisp and clear, you really think you’re in a warzone. Music.. ok ok lar. doesn’t really leave a deep impression.

I don’t know what else to say, cause seriously, sound doesn’t matter when you have THIS much flaw in a game.

I think that’s about it. I’ll add more if I remember, but most probably that’s it. I can’t be bothered to give a freaking damn anymore.


Stiff, dull, generic and barely realistic(i mean it’s the year 2008! you can’t possibly make a game like HL1 can you?)

You know at first I wanted to make some SS and video so as to show you peeps what this game is all about, but after playing halfway, i just tot: ‘Forget it, it’s not worth my time.’

This game really really sucks. At 9.77GB and installation size at 11.1GB(initially i tot it was 15GB. Goddamn wiki) it made me uninstall my COD4(i got backup lar). Totally regretted doing so. I’m so sorry COD4! nothing can replace you, now i noe! lol

Not worth the time obtaining it too. seeing as I completed this game within 6 hours(on normal)

speaking of which, I saw the collector’s edition of the game selling for 70+ bucks. my advice to you is to use that amount to rice and wheat, seriously.

and to think I actually took the time to download the goddamn 185mb Patch. OMG!

Stick with COD4 or BF2, it beats the crap out of this game.

Final Score:

5/10 (really all those broken-ness! BTH!)

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