A trip down memory lane

15 Apr

Today was quite a ‘many things to do’ day. let’s seee…


Woke up.. slack slack until 2.30pm went to bathe and go cut hair. decided to cut my hair extremely short for some reason.(not NS type of short of cause)

Came back at 3.10pm, wanted to ta pau food but no time! So just go bathe again and at 3.35pm, rush down to CGH ENT for follow-up.


Reach ENT, took number, sat down and whacked CC.


Finished ENT check up, went through the blardy vacuuming procedure again!! doctor says my ear’s infection is 90% ok, but he told me I have ‘Keratosis obturans’. Googling doesn’t give back much result. Except for a short and i think normal people can understand definition:

Keratosis obturans
A disease of the external ear in which the canal becomes obstructed and sometimes expanded by a firm mass of keratin, epidermic scales, and cerumen. Also called “keratosis obliterans”, “wax keratosis”, “otitis dequamativa” (older term)

If you still don’t get it, let me help you by drawing it with my kochi mochi mega fine artistic skill.


yes. And the doctor say there is nothing they can do about it, except go for surgery to ‘smoothen’ the canal… I shudder to think what the heck they will use to ‘smoothen’ it.


But he say rarely need to smoothen it lar, just have to make sure the accumulation of ear wax is kept under control… which means I have to use olive oil once a month from now on…



Anyways, also did a hearing test.. and as expected.. my hearing power degenerated.. but the doc say it’s pretty common and advise me not to overexpose my ears to loud noises. oh well.

And oh yes. Again ENT department got many pretty babes. I REALLY don’t get why ENT so many pretty babes.. I will just say what I said last time, go jouk too much liao. ear spoil.


Called ah gay boy to go out markan, claims he have to go meet shady people to pass things to them. (ok i made the shady part up, but whatever) say he will call me once finish. So ok, went to EP Challenger find Bluetooth dongle.. find find find they only have one miserable brand that costs SGD34.90. Of cause i never buy. siao.


Went to old chang kee buy me fav squid body.


boarded pasir ris bound train to Tampines mall. Reach there about 6.20pm. As usual sheetloads of people alight. Tampines is really a good place to stay. why did my father move?! siao lang.

Went to TM Courts, much better, got 2 brands this time -.-”

Still too freaking expensive. Decided to go CS.


Went to a wulu electronic shops in CS that I’ve never been into even though i frequent there so many times. and eureka! got one bluetooth adaptor for 15 bucks! zhun zhun my ideal price. haha


Ah Gay boy still not done. Says earliest is 7.30pm. hungry like mad but still decided to wait.

For no reasons whatsoever, decided to go visit my old house area!!!!!! rofl. Guess I was just boliao. Anyways that was where I spent my childhood, so really wanted to see how it was after so many freaking years… ah didn’t regret making the choice. I took some photos too! lol actually the following is today’s purpose for blogging. 🙂

Wah totally change man, apparently they are doing major upgrading projects here, the lifts all are done, then now left those shelters and pavilions. lets see….


This used to be a fenced badminton court, but it was not used for that purpose, rather every night we’ll meet here for daily soccer actions. YES! NIGHT! midnight also play. bo chup police. hahaha FUN!


I actually went up to my old house to see see look look.. and i got a freaking surprise when i reach the top, EVERYTHING CHANGED! what are all those seats and sofas doing there?!?!!? hahahahah the feeling ar, I just simply cannot define. It’s like you seem to know this place, and yet… everything is just so strange to you…. ahhhh nice feeling. wanted to take a pic of my old house too. but while standing there.. someone opened the door, then i just act blur walk away. haha


There seems to be a high influx of cats now. last time not so many. I just took 2 only lor, you noe how many beside me or not? 3!!!! must be some good samaritans.


Playground used to be here… but now it’s just debris and construction thingys.


MY OLD PRIMARY SCHOOL!!!! I am under my own block btw, and as you can see it’s very close. but for some reason I am always late for school. lol


Night time Poker playing session area totally changed!!!! last time not like that one lor. wahhh power.


while in the upgraded lift. haha 2 years later i think my current house should also be able to enjoy this.


bird’s eye view from the 9th storey.. after so long of not living so high, i look down i abit of scare.. haha and to think last time when i was small i like to step on those openings in the corridor to look down without any hesitation! hohoho

while walking to my house i walked past so many of my neighbour’s house.. i just felt weird… heng no one came out and saw me, but then again i doubt they will remember me.

And even though there was a direct lift to my house, i still insisted on taking the old lift and walking the same route like before. It really really brings back memory. haha


RC!!!!! hahah inside joke this one.

Wow. damn nostalgic. although now everything has changed.. I still feel like this was where I belong.. oh well..

So just walk walk walk then suddenly saw 2 of my long time buddies.(they still live there) and of cause we tried to catch up… talk alot about the past… crap abit here and there.. ahhh it’s been long since i last have such a great chat.

got photo but cannot be revealed. they are wanted. seriously. hahahahahaha

Also saw some aunties and uncles that live nearby and like to go downstairs for strolling. The MAMA shop people still there too! and those who saw me quite shocked oso. haha


Big cannon also recognized me. HAHA Big cannon is just a nick we gave to this uncle. he always like to boast, hence the nick. rofl.


Finally Ah gay boy done. TMD so long! my friends also zhun zhun got something on so we left together.

Went back bedok for dinner(my first meal also. YES!!! WHOLE DAY NO EAT!!!!!)

ahhhhhhh felt good after revisiting my old home.. been living there for 17 years! always remember after school will go down find my friends… then we’ll just gather and talk cock all daaaayyyy long. shiok.

How about you? any nostalgic moments? hoho

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