So who’s my boss?

13 Apr

Do you know the answer to this question?

You see, My workplace’s hierarchy is extremely complicated, and since i have no mood to freaking go through who’s in charge of what in exact detail, I shall just summarized it.

Two aunties working there, one with the attitude to get the job done, the other friendly enough to get along with almost everybody.. handles everything from the schedule to maintaining order(or try to) among the workers.

Our big head boss – Shares the same name as me, cept his spelling is different, I’ve never ever seen him before. He’s like some evil head honcho with a very dark office you see in action movies. Only the 2 aunties get to see him. – In charge of salary.

Duty Manager of Changi Airport – Responsible for the general wellbeing of the entire Changi Airport Baggage handling staffs, thus bringing us into their jurisdiction – appears only when they have nothing else better to do, and whenever they appear, you can be sure nothing good is gona happen.

So to summarize, it’s like those that are suppose to be in charge of us, don’t do their job, but.. those who ain’t suppose to be in charge of us, are given the task of doing it.

What kinda zabalang workplace is this? lol

And today, after like 3000 years, one of the DM appeared to check up on us.

3 of us got our asses verbally raped for not being in proper attire, and subsequently got our name booked. rofl.(see i told ya nothing good)

He even said he will go speak to our big head boss regarding this matter, but all we did was laughed about it after he left.

That is how CMI our workplace is. I mean seriously, it’s so slack, we’re so spoilt.. end up no one really gives a damn. I mean yes, basic rules We will follow of cause, but seriously speaking, everybody’s attitude is just half fuck. No one gives a goddamn as long as pay goes into our pocket.

I mean even the big head boss bo chup(don’t care) about us liao, what else is there for us to be scared of?

To sum it up, my workplace is totally orderless.

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