How to play Bridge?

12 Apr

So Viwawa latest game is Zany Bridge.

I read a little on the guide and I found it to be interesting, but I still don’t quite get it. The guide totally sucks. Ask some of my friends who knows, they say use words hard to explain, must play then can understand. I get that, since some games, like for eg. MJ, use words can only teach the basics, the rest you must learn yourself.

But where the heck can I find 4 players in real life to teach me bridge?! Although yes, I have more than 4 friends who know, but they belong to different cliques, so I can’t possibly ask them to gather together to play with me right?

Then Viwawa is… you know lar… Full of super duper many chilidish kiddies(yes, i noe there are matured ones, but they don’t talk! like me. *arhem* lol). As if they have the patience to teach you. Furthermore, I went to the forums I see so many negative comments on noobs(many compared to other games), I intimidated to try. Wait embarrass myself.

Furthermore Bridge, to my knowledge, is some sort a ‘Team’ game, so being a noob and pulling your teammate down doesn’t really fit into my style, so that’s another reason not to try.

So now all I can do is either wait for some bridge master with the patience and ability to teach and make me understand theoretically, or see one day ask my friend come out teach me one to one.

Actually I already know the super basics thanks to JJ. But I still believe that you must really play to totally understand. Same like Mahjong.

AH i noe! teach me bridge and I’ll teach you MJ! Been playing for 8 years, I think I should qualify ba? lol

Just make sure you’re above 21 and a lady, with a cup size average >=C and waist length <=28. Face I don’t really mind, I got lotsa paper bags in my drawer.

Other than that, I don’t want hor. kum xia

PS: Singapore Bridge AKA Floating Bridge(which zany bridge is based on) is different from Contract Bridge, based on what I’ve read, Contract Bridge is a much more popular and way more challenging(thus fun) game. The concept is the same, but the rules are quite different. But sadly, that’s all I know for now.

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