Rotting is bad

11 Apr

Rotting is bad. Seriously. Your brain just stops working.

I can’t think of much to do while I’m rotting at home, was planning to go and get a new 500GB HDD at sls today with my friend, but the thought of backing up and partitioning the drives was kinda a put off for me. Super Duper Lazy to do any thing ‘productive’.

And sleeping late(people sleep at night, I sleep in the morning) is bad for your face! Actually sleeping late is bad for brain and face! I feel lethargic all over, and my face is starting to be infested with acnes and pimples….

perhaps I should sleep early

…and perhaps the sun should rise from the west.

Hopefully, when my attachment comes, I’ll be able to live the life of a normal human being.


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2 responses to “Rotting is bad

  1. krisandro

    April 11, 2008 at 9:09 PM

    Step 1: Put down your controller
    Step 2: Log off
    Step 3: Disconnect your modem
    Step 4: Find something else to do
    Step 5: Realize there is nothing else to do
    Step 6: Be bored to death
    Step 7: Sleep

    7 Steps to Sleeping early Amongst Other Things
    -Author: Krisandro
    -Book not available at all major bookstores
    -Action figures with THAT movable part sold separately

  2. dingo

    April 11, 2008 at 11:28 PM

    Learn how to be lame as Krisandro in 1 step!

    Step 1: Write the above comment

    Author: Dingo

    – Book is unavailable at this time, as selling THIS as a book will probably put the Author’s sanity in question.

    – Krisandro blow-up dolls sold separately.


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