Hoot for the day

11 Apr

Didn’t buy my HDD, but instead went and got myself some other things:

Adidas Originals Superstar Bag – $82


Only bags from Originals can be bought. All other sucks imo

Hamasaki Ayumi – Guilty – $20.90


LONNNNGGGGG overdue man. but whatever.

yeah yeah i know the pic quality suck balls but I’m too shag to bother. can see can liao lar.

After that we went to Pizza hut for dinner. wahhh sibei chiat lat seatings i tell you. opposite us was this BIG(about 20?) group of secondary school girls. Wondering why i say secondary school? because only Secondary school girls can behave the way they do.

Knn machiam treat Pizza hut like their ah gong house like that. constant shouting and laughing and talking. YES! CONSTANT! non stop megamix! Its comparable to a group of 5 ah thiongs sitting together making noise. That’s how noisy they were.

And what’s worse, appearance wise, all totally CMI. Those sitting closest to us was the worst; face up lorry like siao.

I won’t be so mean had they not been so KPKB. The conversation between JJ and me was interrupted one too many times.

Like how JJ puts it, ‘The transfer has been interrupted.’

lol Wah now is jitao very the full, I think ate too much cheesy things liao…. bloated like siao. Think it’s time to go toilet ‘idle’.

ok out.

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