10 Apr

ME = Chaosdingo, HER = Mc-operator

HER: Hello this is blabblah(seriously, i intepreted her name as that, I mean it’s like all operators have problems with pronouncing their names on the phone, you’d never get to know who ya speaking to) Is this Mr *surname here*

ME: Yes

HER: Are you staying at blahblahblahblahblah yadadingdongfishcake

*ok guys and gals, I’ll spare you the agony of going through the robotic conversation and skip immediately to the impt part…

HER: May I have your order please?

ME: One Pancakes with sausage please

HER: *Hotcakes* with sausage, sir?

ME: ermm oh! yes yes! Hotcakes with sausage haha…. =.=

HER: *sniggles* ok and your drink, sir?

Malu like siao.

Just got my Pan- I mean Hotcakes with sausage, apparently they made a Mcblunder too! suppose to come with syrup, but they gave me grape jam, salt and pepper! that’s for big breakfast lar!

kaos. no syrup hotcakes not nice lor!

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