10 Apr

Just finish watching The Vagrant, but I WANT MOAR! 1 day 1 hour how can?! Lee Nan Xing’s show must be watched consecutively for long periods of time until your eyes water one hokays? this is the rule and everybody must obey!

Furthermore Huang Bi Ren is pretty~ (erm with make up on, not the chicken rice seller style please)

So I went over to MobTV and wanted to subscribe so can watch this show(yes this show and this show only)


They don’t have!!!! wtf?? The Unbeatables 1 2 3 have. Wisely have. The Vagrant BO? tulalan lor!

But aiya, Chaosdingo is skilled in the art of googling, mei liang xia zhi jue zhao dao le(found it easily). CHEY~ *waves little finger around*

Streaming speed is shit slow and quality suck balls. but whatever. after today’s episode it should be ‘episode 12’ over there. Take note that the uploader split up 1 episode into many many zabalang parts..

Search word used: 豹子胆

I’ve given you guys shit load of clues. if you can’t find it it’s not really my fault liao, hor?

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