Getting your PSP unbricked, without sacrificing a batt or a mem stick

10 Apr

First off let me just say that if you’re a normal user of a CFW-enabled PSP, the chances of using a Pandora Battery is highly unlikely.

A Pandora Battery is only necessary when:

  1. You are say… a homebrew/CFW/unofficial PSP developer fooling around with the psp
  2. A pspfag with no common sense and can’t freaking follow simple, simple instructions
  3. You are a doom-monger

I mean downgrading a PSP with a official firmware is relatively easy, as long as you follow instructions.

upgrading a CFW on a PSP is EVEN easier.

So seriously, unless you are under one(or two, or all of the above) of the three I’ve mentioned, a Pandora Battery is not necessary.

I myself don’t have one.

Moving on,

To put it simply a Pandora Battery helps you save your PSP from the thrash man; it unbricks and/or downgrades your PSP – safely. This discovery was made by the Noobz! team.

By all means this was a life saver for people with a bricked psp, but creating a Pandora Battery proves difficult, as:

1) The step is rather tedious and complicated if you are new to the PSP scene

2) The process requires you to have a Spare battery and mem stick, and as far as I know, the spare battery will no longer function as a normal battery, the mem stick? Me ain’t sure.

Luckily, Someone came up with a way to negate the above two problems. Without further ado,


As usual, be careful. I myself have not tested this method. MAKE GODDAMN SURE you RTFM! TWICE! THREE TIMES EVEN! Follow each steps carefully. If you are not sure with a certain step, either stop immediately or go google for more a detailed understanding.



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2 responses to “Getting your PSP unbricked, without sacrificing a batt or a mem stick

  1. krisandro

    April 11, 2008 at 1:29 AM

    His name is Chaosdingo, and he is a file-sharer.


  2. dingo

    April 11, 2008 at 1:34 AM

    shhhhh! *hides*


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