Pork chops!

09 Apr

u noe normally people(or me) don’t eat pork chops because it’s hard and taste like chicken breast.

But today i decided to hiong kah(risk it) and order meself one Astons Express Pork Chops with Mashed potato and Potato salad.

The short review: I finish everything in 5mins. including slurping up the mushroom sauce. πŸ™‚

The long review: ok I’ll skip the appearance since that does not really matter to me. anyways its a kopitiam and the food was take away, so appearance won’t really count in this review.


Most chic chic restaurant will give you super freaking small portions that makes you feel like ya haven’t had your fill.. as a matter of fact it probably will make me feel like i haven’t eaten my meal at all.

And since Astons Express is part of Astons Specialties(which I’ve never been to before, except I know it’s a restaurant), I was half expecting it to be those cases where the price does not justify the quantity.

Upon opening my packet of Pork chops… welll… ok not that bad, the portion is *just right* for me. Although I must say the mashed potato’s serving was quite huge. but actually for this sorta price.. I was expecting more.

lets move on to the side dishes.. but before we go there lets start with sauces:

you see, to me what matters most is sauces when it comes to grilled dishes. without sauces, most western food will taste dry and the lack of taste will probably ruin your appetite. I mean meat on its own taste dull.. that’s why there are so many marinates and sauces to go with your meat, right?

In this particular case, Astons doesn’t disappoint with its Mushroom sauce. Most kopitiam western food gives you ONLY the sauce, period. But what really stands out from the rest is Astons mushroom sauce has bits of chunky mushrooms!

Although the sauce is abit tad salty to suit my taste, I must say those chunky mushroom bits make up for it. okkk moving on..

Mashed potato

The biggest ball I’ve ever seen! lol ok lame. but seriously, the serving was quite big, and the mushroom sauce used was also plentiful.

but hor, the taste of the potato was neither here nor there. KFC’s whipped potato wins here. HAHA

Potato Salad

I couldn’t decide what to get for my 2nd side, so i asked the order taker(or waitress if you’d prefer, but its a kopitiam lei!) for recommendation. She proceeded to tell me what and how those cold side dishes are made(of) and finally recommended me the potato salad.

I think she hates me.

ok lar, not really that bad. but eating a desiree potato mixed with sour cream, cheese and probably a hint of thousand island is kinda new for me. but i must say the potato is rather fresh.

It doesn’t suck, but I think I’m just not used to it. Should have ordered the Onion rings!

Pork chops

oooooooo… grilled pork chops with mushroom sauce! looks yummy to me.

I was actually half expecting my prastic fork and knife to break while ‘sawing’ through the meat as like what i experienced whenever i eat pork chops.

but it didn’t! It’s either they have good suppliers for prastic cutleries, or the pork chop is fresh and grilled perfectly.. I believe it’s the latter.

As a matter of fact, it was super easy to sliced through the pork.. and the pork chop tasted succulent; it’s not chewy, it’s juicy.. and the taste of the pork is just nice.. wahh powerful pork chops i must say. As a matter of fact, I dare say that even without the mushroom sauce, the pork chops on its on is still gona be tasty.

My Thoughts

I am extremely anal about food, I always give the food I try one chance, if they fail my tastebuds, then I’d never ever visit the stall again. irregardless of whether or not it starts to improve. I mean first impression lasts right?

thats how strict I am.

Of cause, I eat almost everything, but I also scrutinies what I eat. My tastebuds are extremely sensitive you see and I can detect whether you’re using fresh or ‘un-fresh’ ingredients.

(that’s why i hate foodcourts. 90% of food over there are not fresh and suck balls. ESPECIALLY those 24/7 ones)

I mean in order to cook a good meal, it really doesn’t depend on the cook or the recipe. what’s the most impt is whether the ingredients are fresh. Half the battle is already won if ya can satisfy that.

In the case of Aston, I must say all their ingredients are FRESH! and i’m quite surprised as it’s damn rare to find such fresh ingredients in a kopitiam.

It’s really a pity I can’t consume beef. IF the pork chops taste this good, I’d assume the beef would make me go gaga.


To conclude,

If freshness is your mantra, Aston will probably be your best choice. At SGD8.50 I felt a bit sore since its kopitiam, but ultimately it didn’t disappoint.

4/5 stars (if i didn’t order the potato salad and rather chose another better side dish and if the price had justify the quantity, i would have given 4.5)


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3 responses to “Pork chops!

  1. xinyun

    April 9, 2008 at 9:17 PM

    what, no pics on your porka chops?! πŸ™‚

    *kinda drooling after reading review*

  2. dingo

    April 9, 2008 at 9:29 PM

    haha, it was take away.. and in terms of appearance, putting food in a Styrofoam box doesn’t really match those that you eat on the spot.. So I thought taking a pic of it and commenting would have been unfair.

    and not to mention I’m extremely clumsy when handling plastic bags! the sauce was leaking all over the place when I bought it home.

    anyways I was hungry lar~ couldn’t wait to tug in. XD

    Still, thanks for your comment! I’ll try to get some pics the next time i do a ‘review’. haha

  3. xinyun

    April 9, 2008 at 9:31 PM

    hee orh πŸ˜›


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