Noooo wonder!

09 Apr

I got this letter days ago from Starhub saying that they will be doing maintenance on their cables under my block, thus all Maxonline, Cable TV connection will all be interrupted from 9am to 6pm.

Since i read the letter while rushing for work, i just briefly glance thru it but didn’t memorized the date. I was like ok nvm lar should be working so its fine.

So ytd when and decided to keep my com on-ed as my torrent is downloading oh so slowly!  and since it’s my offday.. well you get the point.

Today i woke up, and then i checked up on my torrent progress and got the shock of my life!!!

the blardy thing only progressed 1! 1! 111111!!!!!! freaking percent.

then i decided to go read the letter again, and realized……….. the maintenance was today.


Anyways my house here just opened Astons Express. I went and got meself a pork chops with potato salad and mashed potato.

I know I know they specialise in beef, BUT I CAN’T EAT BEEF!

ok gone to eat.

PS: damn blardy lift upgrading project, the weather is so hot but i can’t open my main door else all the dust and dirt!!!! GAHHH

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