Why pay to commit suicide?

08 Apr

So after reading the report on the CCK train suicide incident.. I remembered a question I asked myself back then when the 1st case of train suicide happened in Singapore,

– There are so many.. free if not, cheap ways to die, what for pay the full fare just to commit suicide? If I’m not wrong, if you forget to tap out, the full fare will be automatically deducted right? And it’s about $2.60?? or isit $3++?

I mean buying a rope, or a penknife, perhaps even turning on the gas surely cost less than that right? So why commit suicide using this method?

Furthermore, I’m sure hanging yourself, slicing your arms/throat/penis/vajayjay and to a certain extent death by gas poisoning won’t cause inconvenience to hundreds of innocent commuters trying to get to work or whatever, right?

Ok, Fine if you tell me that money is nothing when ya about to die, but why cause inconvenience to other people?? So attention seeking for what far ke?


Don’t be lame and seek attention even upon death, wanna die, please go die somewhere quiet. I mean there are many ways to die, why choose such a way? Don’t be a fuckmonkey even in death please.

Call me insensitive, call me heartless, call me whatever you want.

I absolutely have no mercy for those who only think about themselves. End of Discussion.


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2 responses to “Why pay to commit suicide?

  1. Yusri

    April 8, 2008 at 2:00 AM

    You missed a point here.

    Remember the case of a poor family whose husband met a train accident and then they get lots of donations which amounts to hundreds of thousand sing dollars?

    I bet these “suiciders” are trying the same tactic. They believed that if their plan was successful, their family will live off a better life with a lot of donated money.

    On the fun side, it’s one good excuse for coming to work late. I’d rather get such inconvenience than dreading myself to work or school in the morning.

  2. dingo

    April 8, 2008 at 2:08 AM

    Woah? I never really thought of that before.. I mean are you(referring to the potential death wisher) serious?

    Going to such extent to come up with such a ‘plan’?

    I’m sure there are more ‘profitable’ means of getting ‘donations’ without having to lose your life,then again, I ain’t the desperate one..

    AHHHHHH~ how wonderful the world that we live in. sheesh


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