3 Things I hate the most when it comes to my computer

06 Apr

1. Firefox ham-ming and crashing out of the blue. I have a extremely low tolerance of Firefox kooking up. Once is enough to piss me off immensely.

2. Blog down when I’m in the mood to post and/or in the process of posting/writing. I just encountered that, wah pek cek like siao.

3. Searching for something amidst the sea of links, only to find that the link you want only comes in Rapidshare and/or any other stupid servers that limits ‘your’ download. Long wait time is ok. It’s those that tell you:

“You have reached the download-limit for free-users. Want to download more? Click/Join whatever….”

that pisses the heck out of me. I never even download anything from you guys for long time, first time download nia you at there accuse me of reaching the download limit. wtf?

I mean of cause I don’t blame them, since those idiots over at my ISP uses Dynamic IPs

But I simply just cannot stand the fact that after so much searching around, i get excited as I found the link only to realize that it’s a Rapidshare or other ‘limit you’ ones.

Furthermore, THEY ACCUSE ME! damn i hate being accused for something I didn’t do, regardless of whether or not you mean it, I’d still be pissed at you if you accuse me for no reason whatsoever.

Dingo is very chin chai one, you can suan me, you can pek me, you can even scold me.. at most I tit for tat you.

But you accuse me of something I didn’t do, I will get very very very very annoyed, if not pissed at you to the point of wanting to shove a mouse-pad up your arse, EVEN if I know you didn’t do it intentionally.

I’m anal I know, but I don’t take accusations lightly.

Too bad websites don’t provide users a hole to shove something into them when they’re pissed.. *shrugs*

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