siao lang weather

05 Apr

So being detached from my computer for an extremely long period of time(20 hours is long ok!) made me go crazy.

For one, I slept at 11pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot even remember when was the last time I sleep so early. and you noe what’s worst? I woke up at 9am. WOAH! now THAT is an even bigger ‘donnoe since how long never do’ event!

crazy sheet. wake up so early donnoe for what ding dong

Must be the siao lang weather. really is siao lang. one minute hot like an oven, making me perspire like siao, the next minute.. start to drizzle.

I was like… wha da f**k? what the hell they doing up there? must be go jouk ytd, today wake up hangover end up cannot do job properly. sheesh.

and now ar, my block kena the life upgrading scheme, then now starting to pim pim bang bang the staircase, wah kpkb like mad.

and the dust! sheesh.

oh oh oh! i watched DEMOLITION MAN ytd!


wahhhhhhhh old school man! goddamn i enjoyed that show, especially seeing the YOUNG stallone in action. hahahaha. and not to mention  sandra bullock was in it too.


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