Do I look like a 坏人(bad man) to you?

05 Apr

My thoughts are eluding me!!

yep, they are so scattered I have to make so many post update in one day.

ok maybe not ‘so many’

This incident happened ytd, while I was waiting for the lift, there was this(i assume) grandmother carrying her… probably 3 years old grandchild, and for some unknown reason this kid was making quite a big fuss. I think he was trying to ‘release’ himself from her grandmother’s grasp as I kept hearing the grandmother saying: “不可以, 不可以,你没有穿鞋子!”(Cannot, Cannot, You’re not wearing any shoes!)

So I look down and true enough, no shoes! lol i don see the grandmother carrying the shoes anywhere, so i wondered where the heck the kids shoes fly off to?

Of cause the kid didn’t relent lar, the grandma was starting to get agitated until she turned around and started to stare at me.. of cause I just act blur look at the Town Council noticeboard.

Then out of the blue, I heard the ah ma say: “坏人, 看, 坏人.” (Bad man, see, Bad man)

Since there was only the grandma, her grandson and me at that time, I came to the conclusion that she was referring to me.


And what’s worse(OR better if you’d prefer), the kid immediately shuddup.


at that time I was still staring at the noticeboard while in my mind thinking what should i do? If i were to look at the kid and smile or something, he may go berserk and start clawing at his grandmother. (On hindsight, that doesn’t sound so bad.. seeing as the ah ma called me a bad man..) aiya I just decided to wait until the lift come.

Never once did I lay my eyes on them while in the lift for fear that the kid may suddenly cry or something.

So comes todays question,

DO I LOOK LIKE A BAD MAN TO YOU? I do not think so!

and for the purpose of justifying myself, I shall do the unthinkable of posting up my own portrait for you guys to scrutinize:


Pixelated of cause.

look at the eyes(or what’s left of it), the nose(or what’s left of it),the hair, the smile and those disturbingly perfect row of teeths, the kid should have been SWOONED by me.
but NOOOO, he decided to keep quiet. No taste lar this kid. sheesh!


Alright Alright~ all jokes aside, I know and understand why the grandma did that, and of cause I’m not so petty lar. And yes I noe I have a paikia face, paikia habit, and paikia mouth, in short, I’m a uncouth barbarian. but but but but but!! deep down I’m very nice one hokays?!


PS: Apart from the fact that I wear glasses and he wear glasses, We both do not share any resemblance…

If you seriously think that pic is really me, you must be mad. or probably never watch a Korea movie/drama/whatever in your entire life…. NO NO, actually I think you don’t even know where Korea is!


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