engrand songs, no problem. longman songs, no problem. Nippon songs? got problem!

03 Apr

So went surfing around youtube aimlessly, than chance upon Mortal kombat clips, showing fatalities and etc. so watch watch watch and travel around the links until i reached this:

NO, i am not interested in pixelated womens, I just want to get my damn hands on the super catchy song!!!!!!!

The only clue i have is its sung by some hardo gay wannabe with the name


and the song title is, if I’m not wrong:




yes pretty shitlong.

Can’t find lar, uber l33t skills oso no use lar, I don’t freaking understand Ji poon! (i understand the some is in chinese, but no luck searching in PRC)

So do you have it? or at least translate the goddamn name for me to england so as to make my life easier!

kum xia

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