Why I hate off days!

02 Apr

yeah rot.

Suddenly, everything seems to be moving at a much slower pace when ya boss gives you an off day without you asking for it. No actually, I’m off-ed till Saturday, due to them suddenly having enough manpower.

My workplace sibei cock-up de lar, can be lacking in manpower today, then suddenly tmr too many people! donnoe what the cheese cake they doing.

So yeah, today my brain is just dead, all of a sudden just donnoe what to do? somemore ytd chiong the game ar, wah bo wei gong.

And now is already 9.03pm, but i still haven’t eaten anything!

slept at 8am, woke up 12.30pm due to my chrono clock being whacked up.(i usually wake up around this time for work u see, a habit)

couldn’t get back to sleep so went to as usual. First time actually participating actively in the shoutbox, ok lar, kinda fun lar.

wanted to cook noodles at 3pm, but lazy to move my pigu until like.. 6+ 7.. but for some reason went and kamikazee my bed instead. and slept until 8.45pm.

bad! wanted to sleep till midnight one lor.

So here I am now, brain-dead, sleepy and hungry. shit I hate unexpected off days! make me lose weight only.

Somebody give me something to do please! perhaps I should go get myself a packet of charcoal so i can wash it clean or something… hmm

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