Look at my score for the game, and check out today’s 1st prize in 4D. =.=

02 Apr

If ya a long time reader/lurker of my blog, you should have chanced upon some posts that I’ve made regarding 4D and how Lady Luck likes to spin me around her sexah fingers. (in my mind Lady Luck is a sexah babe for some reason)

Today, I bring to you a slightly different case of ‘How Chaosdingo almost got screwed in 4D, but heng didn’t due to laziness.’

I was actually playing with the idea of buying 4D today, and using my score for the game as the numbers. You see, unlike the regular aunties and uncles out there, I do not get inspirations from little crumbled pieces of paper, damaged beyond repaired cars, or any numbers that appear on the newspaper. Rather, I tend to use numbers from situations that you’ll never thought of using at that time. Blame it on me being a weirdo. Anyways,

Since its a thousand, and there are 4 numbers, so why not? But due to my lazy-arse-ness, I didn’t, choosing to instead battle dragons in Chaosland.

so just for fun, went and check today’s 4D opening, in case you don’t know or too lazy to search for my final score, its 1422.

Now take a look at the number that opened for the first prize. (Wednesday, 02 April 08)





hahahahaha! again its the same as that time the specs incident.. sheesh. Well come to think of it, at least I didn’t waste my money yeah?

hos well.

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