What the hell does this key open?

01 Apr

So was walking back home from work, and for no particular reason took out my keys to ‘play play swing swing’.. then for some reason just glanced at it for awhile and decided to play mental mix and match.

‘This key.. bedroom..’

‘This key.. Gate..’

‘This key… Door..’

‘This key… letter box’

‘This key………………… This key……… THIS KEY…………. THIS KEY?!’

So i just kept staring at the key and wondering what the heck is it doing there? and what kinda lock does it open??

it looks like those key that opens a padlock… but what padlock? my house has no padlock lei… hmm


don’t tell me its a key that unlocks the secret of the universe?

WHY? why did they choose me? holy sheet!

what should i do? what should i do?!! what should i do?!!!



nah. i think it just opens some kinda ordinary lock, just that i haven’t figured out what yet. oh well. *shrugs*


I bet if you were to take the MRT, or walk past those billboards you would have seen posters of the movive ‘The forbidden Kingdom’ being put up, and they either show jet li, jackie chan or Li bingbing(this poster is rare though)

I was kinda anticipating this movie since well you know jackie chan mah, jet li mah, kungfu mah.

UNTIL today while watching tv, i saw the trailer, and after that i was like WTF!

why the heck are they talking in england!?!?!!?!? and whats that ang moh doing there?!!!?

then i went imdb search around and realize this was americkaks made.


this sucks!!!!!! grrrrr.. i have no high hopes for this show. Though I MAY still watch it, since it IS jackie chan and jet li.


PS: no more tags. tags are boliao.

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