Survivor: outwit outplay outlast

31 Mar

I am sure mas selamat’s favorite reality tv show is Survivor, and i dare say if he were to join, he would’ve won. I mean ffs this guy walks with a limp!!!

So long liao still haven kena caught?(he escape on the 27th feb, in case you don’t know you cave dweller) but then again, I have a feeling he already cabut(escape) already lar. I mean seriously, if you were to think about it, no one would, in his or her right mind stay here for so long. People is JI lei, Not D&G, LV or JPG hokays? if he can escape from a toilet, I’m damn well sure he can escape from anywhere. (as long as he’s Singapore)

Lets face it, nothing is ‘THE BEST’ in the world. try as you might, loopholes are everywhere.. even our world famous Changi airpot has its black spot. I should noe, since I work there, and i believe you guys should noe what and where are the loopholes in your workplace, right?

of cause I could be wrong, perhaps hes still in Singapore, perhaps he have already mastered the way of a survivor and is currently hiding in a newly reclaimed land that has not yet been known to anybody…. perhaps perhaps perhaps.

speculations faculations. bah.

one thing is for sure though, i guess the govt is gona be in deep sheet if Mas selamat blows the crap out of somewhere, irregardless of whether its singapore or not, since if he had been still in custody, nothing would(or should i say will?) happen.

hey, now then i realise my workplace is quite dangerous lor! wtf! i everyday see aeroplanes one lei! shit!

PS: NOOOOOOOOOO its not a pasar malam! its some gay car roadshow or something… quite big scale lor. 😦

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