Marlboro handphones, and others…

31 Mar


hahah A handphone disguised as a Marlboro cigarette pack, sets you back about US175 in CHINA – or more specifically, Shilin, Taiwan.

It features dualband GSM, MicroSD card slots, and the ability to play mp3’s.

From the front, it looks like a real pack of Marlboros. You can even put real cigarettes in it. But secretly, it’s a cell phone. The best part is the side-mounted camera feature – people might be looking for you to take cell phone pictures, but they’ll never suspect your cigs! This phone is available in Taipei’s ShiLin night market, next to the toilet-themed restaurant.

Innovative, but seems bulky to me. wonder how long can the battery last.. haha


This Generic Mobile Phone Telescope with flexible adapter to mount 7×18 telescope. It can use on most of mobile phones or PDAs. With this telescope, you can zoom to focus distant objects clearly and to make a high quality photograph easily. Try this on your cellphone to become a high resolution camera phone.

More details can be found on the official site here

Satisfy all your cravings pervs out there! rofl

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