Why the hell got strawberries?!

30 Mar

hur hur, today is like totally different from ytd, so much good shows on tv I nearly thrashed my TV remote. Guess had hot babes, Channel 5 was showing the YAYA sisterhood. 8 was showing some crazy Eason show with GILLIAN SOMEMORE! rofl.

YAYA was especially entertaining, considered genres like this never pique my interest before. well I guess its due to the fact that Sandra Bullock was in it? hur hur. Nooo actually it was more of like the storyline, I can pretty much relate to it, family issues always makes me curious.

Nabei, why didn’t they mix up the show slots abit? why one day all sucky show, then the other all nice shows? bad planning lar mediacock.

Anyways today was on my way home, then as usual took MRT. Nothing much, until the MRT arrived and I plodded my butt down on this seat, and out of the blue, 8 ah tiongs sat right beside me.

Holy sheet. You don’t need me to explain any further le ba? I was listening to music, WITH full volume, AND YET the ah tiong’s voice was LOUDER than my music, and plus the fact that we were underground, the combination of noise just gave me a freaking headache!

OMG i seriously donnoe WHY they have to talk so loud. Do they, like the previous me, have blocked ears or something and need to visit the ENT too? why must they shout to each other at such close proximity? why must they shout into their phone? WHY? I’m seriously considering the idea of asking a total stranger ah tiong why, but until then, I shall assume.

Must be because they live on top of the mountain too long,


Seriously, other than that I donnoe why.

I believe that if every single ah thiong stand side by side facing the sea and at one go, shout at the top of their voice, they will cause a Tsunami greater than the indian ocean one. It may even travel around the world and hit them back in the ass!

Damnit, sometimes you are born xenophobic, sometimes people make you xenophobic, I belong to the latter.

I tell you, 50 years down the road, Deafness will be the number one cause of concern, I predict the ear plug business will be a lucrative trade soon, better stock up on those ear plugs!

Saturday: the supposed pasar malam is still not open. going crazy, isit not a pasar malam? why? why not? donnoe how long I can tahan. I’m starting to lose my sanity… xxx

hungry lar.

PS: if you’d watch guess you should noe the reason behind today’s title. rofl

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