29 Mar


wah i think ar today is the worst freaking friday ever man! I’m totally in a bad mood because… from the time i on-ed the tv till now, channel 5 and 8 has been torturing me with SUCKY SHOWS!

especially that stupid channel 5 scorpion movie. ZOMFG! what kinda sucks show is that? Its suppose to be a horror movie, but i donnoe why i kept laughing all the way, must be that damn horrigible acting! All sorts of zabalang movies I’ve watched before, but THIS! this is the most zabalang of them all. and to further prove my point, the actors and actresses in the movie looked as bored as me! never in my life have I ever seen such lacklustre and heck care acting.. how bad was teh acting you say? well there was this scene that was suppose to evoke the actress’s panicking emotions, but for god knows what reason, her panicking looked more like a freaking orgasm! rofl. i just laughed and laughed all the way man..

and the ending! SO DAMN *unfathomable word here*, get this, you are already blinded, you are bleeding, you get off the freaking plane, and when someone tells you to go to the hospital, YOU DO NOT SAY:

‘Nah its okies’

and proceed to kiss the not-so-hot ‘damsel in distress’.

J. Holy C. I am speechless lar.


The channel 8 show was oso sucky, but not as sucky as the scorpion show.

the only saving grace was that luckily(or should i say unluckily?) on channel U princess hours was repeating, it is undeniably the better show out of what was being shown on 5 and 8, but I seriously have no interest in shows like this, and for some fuck up reason, today’s episode focused on intense emo-ness. but due to me having no freaking choices at all, i bopian had to endure. aiyaaaa at least can see Yoon Eun Hye in school uniform! weeeeee


after the channel 8 ‘movie’, li nan xing saved the day. but sadly, i was already in such a bad mood it was irreversible, I wanted to try my luck once more though, so i switched over to channel U again, and ‘YES!’ i thought, more mehhhh-gic!

but sadly today’s episode is one of my most hated category(the whole episode will focus on the idol and his/her fans)..

no mehhhh-gic lor. no mehhhh-gic lor! and whats up with wu ke qun’s hair? is that suppose to be… stylish?

sucks. end up just off-ed my tv.

horrigible i tell u.

PS: I donnoe why, but the pasar malam haven open! SHIT! i’m starting to doubt its a pasar malam lor, the arrangement of the make shift ‘shelters’ doesn’t look the same like before… sad lei if no pasar malam. 😦

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