Grandchild Syndrome and what is the longman name for guava?!

28 Mar

My mother called me out of the blue today, and as usual started some mother-son talking thingy. talk talk talk, talk until donnoe why suddenly the topic become my future child and her future grandchild.

never ever in my life had she talked to me about stuffs like this, today was the first time. she claims that she kept hearing her friends talk about their own grandchild this and that until she was dripping saliva, figuratively speaking of cause.. sheesh, I guess thats the cue that I’m getting old liao and should start to plan my future.. hmm
I’ve also noticed that for some weird reason I’m slowly shedding away my happy-go-lucky attitude and starting to THINK about my future. (Think only, m’okay? NOT plan!)

Of cause its not a shocking 180º sudden change in my life’s perspective, rather its a slow and gradual change in mindset that I’ve noticed… its like whenever I’m bored, I’ll start think about my future, what I’m gona do, what house I’m gona stay in, what job I think I wanna have, my dream wife(ok this is what I’ve been thinking since donnoe when. haha) blahblahblah.

what the?! this is quite new for me lor, my brain never ever had this sorta thinking before. last time it was just: what games to play, what food to eat, what drinks to drink, what place to go etc etc.

And all this just got me thinking, what exactly triggers what kinda thoughts to enter your head at specific point of time? I’m not talking about minor thoughts, I’m talking about thoughts that influence your life, your inspirations, your desires, and perhaps your life time wants(sound familiar? haha) too.

Well i guess shits like this happens, things change, thoughts change, people change, nothing in this world can stay the same indefinitely. bah.


have you ever wondered how some fruits are pronounced in mandarin? Today I was having a conversation with my dad and suddenly talk about guava(yes i noe, we like to talk about funny things), then I realised I totally had no clue how to say guava in long man. so end up i just keep saying it in engrand, I’m not sure whether my dad noes what’s a ‘guava’, but I assume he knew since he just kept nodding, but then again I nod even though i don understand sometimes. HAHA

so it just got me thinking, how many fruits can you name in mandarin? common fruit names don’t count lar. knn if you apple or orange donnoe how to say in longman, you can go change your race already lar(if ya chinese, that is). soonpian go buy one big can of nippon odorless paint (preferably blue in color) and bathe in it!

eh I shall list down some name of fruits that I totally donnoe the longman how to say:

– Jackfruit

– Pomelo

*this two ar, I CONFIRM KNOW one of them is call PO(sp?) LUO MI, but which ONE?!

– Soursop (hokkien one i noe, ang moh liew lian, so longman should be yang ren liu lian. tio bo? tio bo?)

– Starfruit (last time small i noe one lor, but due to underusage i totally forgot. something TAO? ME TAO? eh no wait thats peach.. ermm.. PU TAO? NO! thats grapes! AHHHH)

– Guava

– Mangosteen (again that time when i was small I noe, but due to underusage i totally forgot)

– Apricot

and thats all i can think of, I’m sure there are more but I’m too lazy. I think its not just restricted to fruits only lar, other catergories like types of vegetables, types of animals, types of plants all this some you probably can say in english, but cannot say in longman, and vice versa too.

And one thing that really bugs the hell out of me is the translation of a person’s name, how in the worlddddd can chinese newspaper and news presenters on tv come out with chinese names for england names?!

Malay ones especially. I think some are so damn chime you don even noe who the hell the person is talking about lor!

mas selamat name in longman: ma si sa la *unreadable word here*? pasar malam lar!

EDIT! okok i just thought of this stupid thing, lets use how those news people translate england names into longmans on the fruits I’ve listed down, and see what we can come out with.

– Jackfruit – Jie guo

– Pomelo – puo mi luo

– soursop – sao were fei chao

– Starfruit – Xing guo or Xing Xing guo

– Guava – guo ba

– mangosteen – meng guo xin

– Apricot (wah this one damn hard.) – ah pi ri kuo

BWHAHAHAHAA utter phail. I seriously don think I can help translate names next time. hoho

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