Saeki Nana!1!!1one!!!||eleven

25 Mar


this is a completely random post and has no meaning whatsoever. please do not ping me. thank you.

.gif peekture made using Gickr and edited using The GIMP!

she was actually quite plump back in the old days, but lately her dieting(her blog mentions it, i think) seems to have reap benefits. ooo laalalala shes my type man, and im not just talking about the boobs.

she’s 170cm ok. and i like her personality, plus her smile! x_x

I like girls that are tall, being taller than me is even better(i noe im weird). sadly she isn’t.. but aiya ok lar 170 lei, buay pai liao lor.

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One response to “Saeki Nana!1!!1one!!!||eleven

  1. canz

    March 28, 2008 at 4:47 AM

    good picz.i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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