So many loud voices! and ah tiong + singaporean voice = ???

24 Mar

wah today keep hearing loud voices all the way; from going to CGH, and back home!

its like somebody wants me to test my hearing ability before and after the ENT visit. sheesh…

so woke up at 12pm as planned. but as usual, being the dilly dally me, it took me an hour and a half to get my butt out of my house.

Took bus to Changi Airport police station do my pass. nabei the bus was hot like crazy. make me sweat lor. i hate buses! Every thing was smooth and steady during the process of making the pass upon reaching there, which really is a surprise knowing THEIR ‘efficiency’. As a matter of fact I think its a record! took me about 20mins only. I guess partly its due to the fact that now that we’re using the bio-metric card, We don’t really need to take photos anymore, though the officer did commented on why my portrait didn’t have specs on, which i explained to him it was due to reflection(or refraction?) from my glasses while taking the pic that time.

Then he just commented: ‘Ok lar, still look ABIT the same. donnid take peekture.’

-.- why he need to emphasize the ‘ABIT’? I noe I’ve gained weight but u don like that loor. sheesh (ok thats me being oversensitive.)

Anyways after that took bus down to CGH, I checked street directory ytd and it gave me a direct route, initially i tot it would take quite long since bus no. 5 i heard from friends take shitty long and the route it takes is oso shitty long. my friends were correct about the first part. (15mins then come! again i hate buses!) but the route it took was surprisingly short. ~10mins reach liao. on the bus this ah tiong teen was talking on the phone, and as like all ah tiongs, he WAS using a lousy phone too!! (i presume since he was talking so loud. jesus what is UP with them and their need to speak-loud-into-the -phone attitude??)

So went in register sit down take out psp play Crisis Core. It’s time like this I’m glad I have a psp! though there were some really inconsiderate fools who on-ed their music quite loud while playing. This CBs should have their psp bricked, better yet kena 50 dp/wp! its the fucking hospital for fucks sake, you think your DUANG DUANG PING PONG BAM BAM PATA PATA PON sound very soothing and comfortable isit?!

and this goes to those who like to treat their hps like boom boxes too: I hope your shiny hp kena stolen u fucksticks!

OK. anyways while waiting, saw abit of chais lar. HAHAHA you cannot expect me to just stare at the psp all day what. wahh OL chais mostly, though i wonder why they need to come ENT?? talk too much during meetings? Jouk too much? hmmm?? ok just bo liao off topics. anyways mostly consist of old andtis and anchors. (according to the taiwanese thats how ya suppose to pronounce it, in case you donnoe)

So suddenly I saw this JC girl coming in with her (I presume) BF. nothing much, she looks normal. singaporean. small sized ABIT of cute lar. BF is standard JC nerd type lor.

So just continue whacking enemies than suddenly i hear somesort like a ah tiong voice! i looked up then saw the JC girl talking. I was like WTF? she doesn’t look ah tiong to me!

I’m very good at recognizing accents, especially those from around Asia, the slightest accent i oso can catch, and this JC girl INDEED had an ah tiong accent. BUT! it was not a full and thick ah tiong accent, rather it was a mix of Singaporean voice + ah tiong accent.

I have come to a conclusion that maybe she interacts too much with ah tiongs, or her mandarin has already reach the point of ultimate already. Her bf speaks normally, though in a gu niang kinda way.

SO anyways just continue whacking until i was called in to the room to speak with the doctor. Talk talk talk then went for vacuuming!

HO MY GOD! i tell u really is HMG!

the whole vacuuming experience sucks to the core! first of all, you should noe your ear is quite sensitive, now imagine a long narrow tube being stuck deep into your ear, and nvm, it moves! furthermore! its sucking! AND! it emits a vacuum noise!


itchy + irritating + abit of pain + EXTREMELY LOUD NOISE! = dizzy after the whole procedure.

The cause of the ear wax blocking? The doctor said i must have dig my ears too much and caused it to be infected, which results in the skin shedding more frequently and thus accelerating the production of ear wax.

he say must be careful from now on as it may become quite serious(SHIT!), prescribe me some antibiotic/anti inflammatory ear drops and asked me to come back 2 weeks later.

contrary to what I’ve heard, i didn’t get any refreshing experience whatsoever, increase clarity and no more blocked feeling was all i had. damn thats disappointing, i was hoping i would become exhilarated and jump for joy or something… oh well.

so got out and was preparing to pay, then the two JC couple just come out from somewhere and sat beside me. Her bf proceeded to take out his psp and started to play some wussy racing game. that was when i got more ‘exposure’ to the girl’s voice. she just kept talking and talking and the more she talked the more i felt like slapping her.

WHY? have you experience girls acting cute while talking? with the nehx and the ehxx and then mehxxx shitz? irritating isnt it?

now imagine that + the weird ah tiong/singaporean accent. AHHHHH u must hear to believe man, im not kidding! u will either feel like moving away from your seat or ask her to shut the fuck up.

very very very irritating. too unique to mimic though else i’ll have imitated it. haha

and the icing on the cake was when she started to say jia you to her bf while he was playing the game. It sounded like:

having sex + act cute + ah tiong/Singaporean voice.

OMGGGGGGGGG gave me goosebumps man. heng the nurse call my name i go pay liao.

oh yeah speaking of name there was this dude with the same name as me, the nurse kept calling the england name and i kept thinking it was me, until she said the full name and i sat down. haha

so after payment go EP eat ljs.

and encountered sibei many JC/secondary school girls talking exteremly loudly. I just don’t get why they must scream to each other in such close proximity? do they need to visit the ENT too? somemore when i reach bedok, at the interchange there, AGAIN got secondary school girls laughing and talking loudly. wahhh wtf?

hos well. thats all.

OH OH OH yes! i went to guardian bought ear plugs cause doctor say must keep my ear dry so just buy to keep it dry while bathing.

right thats it no more!

WEEEE I’m no longer partially deaf! rock on!

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