Just for fun: My collection of Eau De Toilette Sprays

24 Mar

Even though I never really had the urge to blog about my colognes collection (can you even call it a collection?!) one wonders what possessed me to make a blog post about it. ahh well, anyways,

My first ever cologne

Hugo boss Dark Blue 125ml


Back then I really like its scent. completely crazy about it should be more like it.

2nd in line,

David Beckham Instinct 75ml


This was an experiment, a fail one at that. Totally don’t like even though for some reason the first trial made me bought it.. hmm hey at least the cap was magnetic! rofl

3rd in line,

Gucci Pour Homme II 100ml


One of my fav.

Latest in line,

Hugo Boss Art Limited edition 100ml


Ok, never really use it much, the scent is much stronger than my previous 3 but stilll tolerable lar.

FYI, my nose is goddamn sensitive, I’ll feel damn uncomfortable if you use uber strong perfumes and colognes, Boss in Motion and Kenzo Flower. ZOMG I will die!



*gushes* Sephiroth is so yandao lar! who cares if he has the intention of wiping out Gaia? He is bad-ass and he pwns!

Haiz, why does he have to be the villain? Cloud n Zack seriously pales in comparison to him.

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