Chains of Olympus!

19 Mar


Epic game come out, of cause Dingo must play. No play no lan pa! Finally can play as a mega awesome badass once again! long long time no use badass liao.


This is set 10 years before GoW 1, when Kratos, the main character you’d be controlling, started serving the Gods to repent for his ‘sins’.

Its a hack and slash game, meaning to say you go around chopping monsters, solving puzzles, and the occasional boss fights blahblah etc etc.

Its not entirely necessary to play GoW 1 in order to understand the storyline, unless you’re those story-line type of person. At most you’d be confused about Kratos’s origins and the numerous gods out there, but then this is afterall, a hack and slash game, so really, as long as its fun then all this can be overlooked lar.

The good points

Gameplay is awesome, visuals/graphics are outstanding for a psp, Combat is intense and extremely bloody and gory, Soundtrack is THE awesome! no no. KRATOS IS THE AWESSSSOOOMEEEE!

The bad points

Game is short(6 hours can complete no problem, someone actually did it in 2 on his 2nd playthrough.), Even after playing all the GoW series, to me i still feel that the camera angle is a pain in the ass, buttton mashing is kinda glitchy (L1+R1) for some reason, and as like all 3D hack and slash games(this especially, since the chains ‘technically’ gives you a 360° range of attack) , your wrist is gona hurt if you play this game for too long. but its all pretty minor really.

I believe if you’ve played GoW 1 and 2 before, you’d would not be disappointed with GoW: CoO. It doesn’t really stray off too much; nothing has changed in terms of mechanics and gameplay, everything is like what it use to be. The graphics, although can’t be compared to the PS2 (duh!) it is still extremely good for a psp game.

beginners might feel frustrated at first due to the camera angle and probably the platform jumping and button mashing/timing sequence, but once ya used to it this game is fun.

Just make sure you ‘prepare’ your wrist before and after you play it. This game can seriously make your wrist sore if you play it for too long.

Here’s a trailer for the game, if ya interested but still not convinced!:

the last part where he climbed on top of the Cyclops, ya suppose to hit a series of buttons that appears on the screen, do it right, and Kratos advances, do it wrong, and.. well.. you get smashed and lose health. and what’s so cool about this is, almost all mid to big sized enemies lets you initiate the button sequence whenever they are low on health and each have their own death scenes!

This include bosses too, except for the fact that its compulsory in order to defeat them. (Nothing wrong with that, since its so cool you really won’t want to miss it.)

9.5/10 stars!

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