The life of a partially deaf man

13 Mar

being partially deaf is seriously not very fun, i mean compared to my less-than-perfect-ring finger-tendon-snapped-off right hand,my slipped disc-ed back, and a killer shoulder, seriously being partially deaf is the worse shit I’ve ever encountered.

its no fun ok. I mean today I ask the dessert auntie (different this time.) for green bean soup, and she told me:

‘Red bean soup finish liao, only left green bean soup.’

HUH?! WTF! i noe being deaf affects the way you speak, but im just partially deaf! and HOW THE HELL FROM ‘GREEN’ CAN SAY UNTIL PEOPLE HEAR ‘RED’??

you tell me lar. you tell me you tell me you tell meeeeeeeeeeee!

ARGHHHH. i am so goddamn irritated by this this stupid thing. and this ringing… omfg, everyday i come back from work, this ringing in my right ear… good god someone give me a knife!

on a brighter note:


not very good but aiya pass all happy liao lar!

I bought mcdonald to celebrate! hahaha ok thats just an excuse.

speaking of which, do u noe the rewards program they’re currently having ends in MAY this year? im not sure when exactly, but i noe you can redeem your points up till 11th of april. I wonder why they decided to end it?

no matter, I check and I’ve 777 points(lucky!) left. and the most expensive lunch entree seems to be the 20 piece nuggets, at 760 points. when i feel like it i shall go redeem.

ok off to eat the mac, fries turning soggy!

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