hohoho caught you red handed wanbao!

11 Mar

thats the worst shopped photo I’ve ever seen really. I don’t even need to compare I already know its shopped.

Take a look at this pic, taken from Xinmin 09 march ’08(sunday) issue:


Now, take a look at this pic, same report, same pic, same date, but its taken from wanbao:


I believe you don’t need to be a photohunt expert to see what’s wrong with the wanbao pic.

lol The media at its glory! bah, as you can see, My job is so slack I can finish reading 2 newspaper in one go and even have the time to go search for boliao things like this. weeeee!

Anyways, Just got my appt date with the ENT specialist, 2 weeks. 24th march. gay shit. 2 weeks of being partially deaf! bahhhh. today i made the sell dessert aunty repeat the price of the green bean soup 3 times, the 4th i think she got pissed off and said it in england, which somehow, i could hear clearly…. hmm weird. whatever.

anyways I just realised something, for a long time i have this ‘hook’ from 3M that i use to hang one of my jigsaw puzzle-frame thingy. but after i took the frame down, I noticed something that I didn’t the first time I bought it till now.

take a look:


Meet Destroyo:the bear with the 9-foot dick.

Its just so wrong… so wrong..

bah utter boliaoness.

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