ha?! what?! huhhhh?! wtf?! yess? SAY LOUDER!!!

10 Mar

what? Naruto is showing on channel U??? woah. now thats a surprise, are they gona show every single episode??? how long thats gona take? 5 6 years?

lol whatever. just boliao talking

bah. my right ear is still stucky. stuck stuck stuck.

whats worse i can’t hold a proper conversation lor! first it affects my ability to hear you well if you’re not talking loud enough, 2ndly, the difference in volume somehow screws up my brain in interpreting what had been said and thus slows down my reply somewhat.

of cause its not causing me to turn into a total retard, but it still causes much hindrance and frustration. maybe alil bit of stress too.

I can’t wait for this shitz to be resolved. hopefully its only the wax, if its like torn or perforated eardrum. hong gan man. really hong gan.

The nurse better give me a early date tmr man. anyways,

channel 8 right now is showing some realllllllyyyy retro show.

HEY THERES BATSSS! *starts pugilistic acrobatic scene*


*rants rants rants*

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