its official: I’m partially deaf in my right ear

08 Mar

damn shitty shit. i cant hear you clearly right now if ya standing on my right side. everything’s soft and muffled.

ZOMG!!! this totally is much suckage.

in relations to this post here

so yeah i went and bought that ear cleaning solution but it didn’t work, as a matter of fact, it became worse!

So to hell with it, i didnt really bother much about it until this past few days the feeling got more and more intense to the point of me waking up today and having a freaking blocked right ear. normally this thing at most is cause minor discomfort. but this past few days donnoe why it ki siao and started to become worse lar, i don even remember doing anything like digging or whatever.

goddamnit. so i went to the poly clinic and got myself ‘ear syringed’. its by using a syringe pump full of water (i presume it is) and they just shoot it into the ear in the hope that the clogged wax will come out

but it didnt. as a matter of fact, IT BECAME WORSE! (no fucking wonder they told me to sign a form of release) so the doc gave me some olive oil and told me to go CGH E&T for some SUCKING procedures.

cool. a vacuum that sucks your ear!

i ask the appt nurse how long it will take, she say at most 4 weeks. THE FUCK!? 4 weeks being partially deaf? ho ho ho ho i requested she make it as goddamn soon as possible.

do you noe how much IT TOTALLY SUCKS to have like something BLOCKING your right ear? its like its like… its like pumping water into your ear and not getting that ‘POP’ sensation. it just gets stuck there 24/7 no matter how many times you tilt and shake your head and/or wobble your ears.

damn chee cheong fun!

HAH? wtf did you say?!


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2 responses to “its official: I’m partially deaf in my right ear

  1. Darth Salacious

    March 8, 2008 at 2:24 PM

    Man, that blows. 4 fricking weeks? That’s like forever.
    Take care in the mean time alright?

  2. dingo

    March 8, 2008 at 9:07 PM

    its 9.03pm now, and the sensation is still there. darn. i donnoe how to survive for 4 weeks man.

    thankfully once the vacuum sucks out everything, things would be back to normal, so it’s pretty much a one time thing.. well at least thats what the doc say.

    oh well thanks for your concern! 😀


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