Believe me when i say it was HELL at the bridge linking citylink to suntec.

07 Mar

SERIOUSLY! u just imagine, you moving up the freaking MOVING escalator, read, MOVING escalator, and you notice that right at the top, NO ONE is moving. what happens?

U slam right smack into the crowd, followed by those at the back slamming into you, causing a big pile up and everybody cursing and swearing under their breathe.

some were even sodomized. (lol)

I was pushed, stepped on, and squeezed like a sardine in a can. SERIOUSLY it was THAT freaking outrageous. I couldn’t even move my freaking hands!!!!!

Something was causing this at the front, I don’t know what it was and I really don’t care, all i cared about was the fact that i was being squeezed. and people at the back was STILL moving up the escalator. U just imagine if some pregnant lady or kid fell down lar. what will happen. and trust me, it had a HIGH probability of happening LOR!

the FUCK! the last straw came when somebody jab the back of my shoulder, where the bone thingy is(sorry the name slip my mind at the moment) HARD. and it freaking hurts lor! I mean you should noe how it feels like when something smashes into your shin or any boney part right?

I lost it.


I lost it.

AND I SHOUTED at the top of my voice.

‘EHHH! MOVE LEI!’ (in hokkien somemore.)

yes. people just turn around and looked at me, seriously i don give a fuck and i don feel embarrassed. I just want them to FREAKING MOVE! but obviously my voice wasn’t loud enough, or whatever the fuck is happening at the front wasn’t gona be taken care of that soon.

Another dude chipped in and shouted at those who were trying to go up the escalator to stop, and some dude pressed the stop button on the escalator i think.

Ended up JJ just told me to go from marina.

So i never knew what exactly cause the jam. but hell i’d never want to experience it again! FREAKING NEVER! One time is enough.

Although after going back from suntec, we spotted some car roadshow thing right smack beside the bridge. perhaps thats the cause of it all?

if it is. well I really got nothing to say.

fucking pisses me off, my shoulder plate or whatever still hurts man.

EDIT: Jesus H. Christ! I actually spelled ’cause’, ‘cost’. wtf? seriously! WTF??! bad day today man. nothing pisses me off more than being stepped on. once is already pushing it, so many times? god, I’d unleashed a limit break if i had one.

and ms rolly that silly cat of my neighbour scratch and bit me for NO reason whatsoever. She’s fierce I know, but normally if i stroke her at most she will claw abit, but its rare really. but today she freaking scratch and bit me! grrr. must be pms. oh well

shitty day. shitty day. shittyyyyy DAY!

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